This page contains templates for M.A. students who are being advised by Dr. Montgomery.

BYU Office of Graduate Studies - (Includes information on courses, funding, graduation deadlines, and program deadlines)

Checklist for New Advisees

Brainstorming a Research Topic

Writing Research Questions

WritingAGoodResearchQuestion.JPG (More scaffolding)

Selecting a Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Frameworks - Provides a brief, accessible introduction to the concept of a theoretical framework which is intended for history majors, but applies equally well to world language educators (minus some of the examples)

Theoretical & Conceptual Framework as Blueprint of a House


Major Sociological Theories (a list)


Developing an Annotated Bibliography

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography

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Crafting an Argument

Prospectus Helps

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper - Theoretical Framework - A step-by-step guide for developing your theoretical framework

The Elements of a Proposal - A nice outline

Prospectus Templates

- Do this FIRST!

- This is the full prospectus template

IRB Templates

BYU IRB Application (Includes templates for Audio/Video Consent Forms, Biosketch, Informed Consent Form, and IRB Application Form)

CITI Training

Introduction - Chapter 1

A Brief Introduction to Problem Statements

Writing a Good Research Question

Literature Review - Chapter 2

Writing a Literature Review: A Guide for Graduate Students


Zotero - Finding, Organizing, & Annotating Research



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Methods - Chapter 3 (Do 1st)

- The methods section is outlined nicely in this template

Thesis Planning & Writing

Thesis Defense