Aubrey Devine
Learning Center #2- Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling with an emphasis on past vs. present tenses

This activity is intended for practice with reading/oral/listening comprehension in a classroom that incorporates TPRS. The students have been introduced to vocabulary 1-26 in the 2008 Cuéntame Más series for a level three classroom. This lesson incorporates all vocabulary words, but specifically focuses on words 22-26.

22. espera con ansiedad
23. se ponía como loco/a
24. día tras día
25. se le acercó
26. no lo permitió

Standards-based objective/proficiency goal:
1.2 - Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.
1.3 - Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.
3.1 - Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the world language.
4.1 - Comparing languages: Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied and their own.

Materials needed:
Copies of worksheets for stations

6-7 envelopes
Manila folders

cards with station numbers
Blue half sheet papers with directions

Time estimate (min)
Drawing comics/pictures to represent a story.
Free write activity with selected vocabulary.
Practicing sentence structure/comprehension through sentence order.
Past vs. present tenses- read a present tense story and re-tell it to a friend as if it happened yesterday.
“Toca el suelo” game- practice with selected vocabulary.

Learning center descriptions
Center 1: Each student will receive 1 sheet of paper. Each sheet of paper has a story on it with directions. Students will read the story as a group and draw an 8-frame comic strip to represent the story (there are 8 sentences numbered that correspond to the 8 frames for the comic strip).

Center 2: Each student will receive one sheet of paper with the required vocabulary words written on it. Using this as an easy reference, students will write their own story using the 22 words we have formally learned so far. Extra points for using the non-formal words we’ve learned!

Center 3: Students will pair up in two groups of three. Each group will need an envelope with a story cut into pieces by sentence and a half sheet of white paper labeled “learning center 3”. The two groups will race to see who can put the story in the correct order first. When they believe they have the right answer, they will write it on the white sheet along with their name. At the end, they will be able to check their answer to see if it is correct.

Center 4: Each student will receive a sheet with a present-tense story on it. Students will work together to translate the story into English. When finished, they will re-write the story as if it happened yesterday.

Center 5: Students will split into two groups. Each group will need one envelope and one orange sheet of paper. Each group will play a round of “Toca el suelo” (students are familiar with this game). Each group will assign a member to be the caller who will play the role of the teacher. Players will lie the flashcards on the floor, Spanish side up. The caller will call the word or phrase in English and students will race to find the correct card. When they find it, they will slap their hand on it. The first person to correctly do this will collect the card in their pile. The player with the most cards in the end wins.

*Note: Groups will be configured in advance (see excel sheet). Each student will receive a slip of paper with their group rotation order on it. I will also have the master sheet on the ELMO for reference.
John Smith
*Managing groups: Each center will have a blue half sheet of paper on it with the directions as well as a manila folder with the worksheets. I will explain the timing and rotation beforehand, but the students will know that the blue sheet has the directions for the center. When they sit down they should immediately read the directions. The students will get into their first center when I explain this. At this time, they will assign each group member a role for the day (leader, reader, timekeeper, comprehension checker). I will explain these roles and then they will begin. I will be circling the room the entire time as well as utilize my timer to keep on schedule.