Post information, resources, and tips for helping students learn classroom commands in the target language here.

Sources for Classroom Commands & Common Phrases in Spanish > Spanish > School > Phrases - AmandaGSpanish AmandaGSpanish

Spanish for Educators - Google Book Search - AmandaGSpanish AmandaGSpanish

Survival Spanish for Teachers - AmandaGSpanish AmandaGSpanish

Teachers.Net - SPANISH TEACHERS - AmandaGSpanish AmandaGSpanish


- After teaching my students these basic commands in the classroom. I hung these posters up to remind them of the new vocabulary. We also did some TPR to help them remember. Three weeks in these are the words they know the most! - Jadehuff Jadehuff

Classroom Flashcards - This is really great because you can make flashcards. There are commands for students, teachers, games, etc, plus useful Spanish phrases for us! - AmandaGSpanish AmandaGSpanish

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