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I use this seating chart to keep track of attendance, homework, and participation points. - LRobertson1386 LRobertson1386

I created this template to keep daily records of student attendance, homework, warm-ups, and activity during the class period. Students sign in as they walk in the classroom, find their seats and get to work on the warm-up. It makes referencing absences and tardies very quick and easy.

- SarahPcat SarahPcat

I adapted this idea from the MIWLA conference session "Best friends best practices". I use the attached worksheet for warm up each day. I make the copies on bright yellow paper for a couple of reasons. First, I can see very quickly that everyone has their warm-up sheet out and ready and secondly the kids like the ease of finding the paper each day. I wait until the students fill their sheets and then I will simply give them a short quiz where they have to write down the answers that they have on their sheets. For example, I might say what was the answer to number 2 on January 2, 2007. The student would then write down the answer (we go over all the warm up activities so they should have the answer). This way I am holding them accountable for weeks worth of warm up's but only checking four or five questions.

Feel free to use this for a template or make any changes.

- drosteb drosteb

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