Donde viven los Monstruos

Students loved reading this book because they knew it well from their childhood. I adapted it for a Spanish 1 class-
Pre-Reading Activity was to describe and create a monster as a class. I let each student take a turn determining a part of the monster (by asking them questions or letting them go on thier own once we got rolling) and then that student drew the part on the board. Is the monster tall, short, big, fat? How many heads does it have? How many eyes? What color is it? Is it hairy, have long arms or tentacles? Claws, teeth, tail, horns, etc... Great way to review body parts AND to introduce a few new ones!

While we read, I had students fill in translating words that they knew while I did the ones that they wouldn't know. I circled the info (asked questions about the statements to repeat details and check for comprehension).

Post-Reading Activity- Since the students all knew the story and plot, we rewrote the story using words that the students knew. For example, the line says: Max did one mischivious act after another. We translated to: Max was a bad boy that ran in the house, chased the dog, jumped and yelled.

Here is a worksheet that could be used for students to create a monster on their own or with a partner. They have space to draw a monster, and possiblities for this would be: 1) label the body parts 2) describe your monster to a partner 3) switch monsters and have the new student describe the monster etc.

- leonar77 leonar77

Another great pre-reading activity created by Jason Flanders and Stacy Thackeray is to dump the text into a Wordle, then have the kids use the Wordle to predict what the text will be about. Since the Wordle makes the most frequently repeated words the largest, it is easy for you as the teacher to see what vocabulary students are going to need most in order to understand the story.

- Here is a link to the video they showed (it is an animated version of the book in Spanish, narrated by a native speaker) - chericem1 chericem1

- This is a trailer in Spanish for the movie - chericem1 chericem1

(David Wilkes)