Post information, ideas, and materials for using The Secret in the Matchbox - El secreto en la caja de fosforos here.


    • Vocabulary - Describe & Draw - Have students form pairs, one with their face toward the screen and the other with their back to the screen. Project one of the pages from the book, using an Elmo, PowerPoint, or an overhead transparency. Have students describe the picture to their partner in Spanish, while the partner attempts to draw what they heard. At the end of 5 min., students check their drawings against the original, and then trade places for a new picture.

    • Grammar - Sentence Strips - Give a 5 min. mini-lesson (in context) on the conditional tense. Then ask students to answer the question, ¿Qué pasaría si un dragón viniera a (name of your school)? Give students the chance to brainstorm a few answers together, then distribute sentence strips and have each student come up with one sentence. Post the strips on the board and discuss what might happen.

    • Predictions - Arrange with a student before class to empty his or her pockets when asked during class. Prior to having the student do so, ask the class what you can tell about people from what is in their pockets. Hold up each item from the person's pocket and ask students what it tells us about the person. Then have students predict what will be in Paquito's pockets before the story begins.

During Reading

    • Read the story aloud, using puppets, a matchbox (preferably from a Spanish-speaking country), and other aids to help students understand


    • Conclude with post-reading activities in which you focus students' attention on various grammatical features, then have students write what happened the next day, or once Paquito got home after his parents had received a phone call from the principal, or when he (or a classmate) brought some other magical pet to school