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Cultural Comparisons

  • El Dia de los Muertos cultural comparisons: My best activity this week was comparing Dia de los Muertos with Memorial Day and Halloween. The students really enjoyed doing this activity, especially my focus class, which is my hardest class to get to participate positively. They came up with great similarities and differences between the three holidays, and really thought hard about it. I have to get the concept map format that I used up on the wiki, but for now I'll leave it at this.- winokurk winokurk

Online Activities

- Amackay4 Amackay4

(Here is the worksheet for the above video) - Amackay4 Amackay4

This is an internet interaction assignment for Dia de los Muertos. If you have a language lab or a way to use a class set of computers. - LRobertson1386 LRobertson1386

  • I found a website that had some fun activities for dia de los muertos. Here it is - gutier50 gutier50

  • Useful Websites: I found this site had a lot of valuable information, including suggestions from other teachers for activities and also a short article on common misconceptions of the holiday. I plan to use excerpts of the articles in class and I could also foresee creating a presentation from this information if that is your goal. - decortem decortem

Pan de Muerto

  • Here is a powerpoint I made about making pan de muertos. It shows me (and Laura and her mom, incidentally) making the bread. Coincidentally, there are a lot of stem changing verbs in the directions, so you could use it for that. It's pretty fun, though, and my kids got a kick out of it.
  • - armst136 armst136

Papel Picado

I love this video for teaching how to make papel picado! It has comprehensible Spanish and uses a lot of visual aides and cognates. The speaker speaks slowly enough (while still realistically) that even my novice-level students had no problem understanding and following the directions! It was also helpful for them when I stood next to the video and did the same thing as the man on the video, holding up my tissue paper in the air, so they had two ways to see the example. - eddingtona eddingtona

  • Papel picado pix: My students made papel picado for El Dia de los Muertos - I hung each classes up on the ceiling, it looks awesome! Check it out:Papel_picado_003.jpg Papel_picado_002.jpg


This is a nice introduction of Dia de los Muertos in a powerpoint.

Topic: El Dia de los Muertos - Computer-Based Research Project
Level: Spanish I

- batorbro batorbro


"Entre las ruinas [del monasterio]" - eddingtona eddingtona

"La canción de los esqueletos" - eddingtona eddingtona

"Los esqueletos" - eddingtona eddingtona

"Tumbas, tumbas, tumbas" - eddingtona eddingtona


Día de los muertos

- Wordless video created by Ringling College of Art & Design that would allow students to discuss the perspectives related to the holiday

I showed this video to my older students [I teach elementary] and afterwards, I asked them what they knew or had learned about Día de los Muertos. We had some really great discussions! - eddingtona eddingtona

This video is in English. I used it a few times while teaching my younger students [grades 1-3] when I had done everything I could think of to help them understand the basic gist of Día de los Muertos and they still weren't getting it. :) - eddingtona eddingtona

Who is Señor Calavera?

- Could be used for people descriptions