In the first section of this page, you'll find tips for preparing a course syllabus, along with a rubric you can use to self-assess what you create! In the second section, you'll find examples of syllabi from language classrooms around the country. We hope you'll add yours to our collection! - chericem1 chericem1

Materials to Help You Prepare a Course Syllabus

- A useful set of things to keep in mind when preparing a course syllabus - chericem1 chericem1

- A rubric designed to help teachers evaluate the content, format, quality, and impact of their syllabi - chericem1 chericem1

- A "syllabus" for Seminar designed to ensure that the time is productive for both the teacher and the students - chericem1 chericem1

Course Syllabi Contributed by Language Teachers From Around the United States

This is my first syllabus for my German II class that I will start teaching this year. It is still under revision!

This is the syllabus I made for TE, but will revise it for my class... - winokurk winokurk

This is the syllabus I made for my 6th grade Magnet class; the class is basically a high school class, but taught in middle school. - armst136 armst136

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