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Hints for New Teachers

Discounts for Teachers (see also: 11 Classroom Supply Discounts for Teachers)

First Days of School - Links to lists of icebreakers and getting acquainted activities, supplies, reusable materials you can make, teaching activities for topics commonly taught at the beginning of the year, etc. - chericem1 chericem1

For the non-Spanish teachers... - An interesting article on school language trends. It also makes a bit of a case for taking a language other than Spanish...

Supplies The Basics - cartierm cartierm

Tax Breaks for Teachers - Debbie Kim & - chericem1 chericem1

Inspirational Websites

I Want to Teach Forever This is a great blog with lots of ideas for new teachers. - emilylewis emilylewis
Hey Girl! Teaching is hard. You're doing a wonderful job. If you are female and a teacher, please look at this website. Now.


Formula for Difficult Conversations


1) Step 1: Introduce the conversation - "Hey, do you have two minutes?"
2) Step 2: State your motive - "I need to talk to you."
3) Step 3: Describe the behavior - "I've noticed..."
4) Step 4: State the impact of that behavior
5) Step 5: Ask the other person for their perception of the situation - "What are your thoughts?"
6) Step 6: Make a suggestion or a request - "Would you be willing to...?"
7) Step 7: Agree on next steps
8) Step 8: Thank you - "Thank you for having this conversation. I know it was awkward."

"When you tell people the truth, you are doing them a favor."

Giving Feedback - 3 Funny Examples of Giving Feedback to Employees

Why are new teachers treated badly? - A bit of "insider information" that might be helpful to new teachers - chericem1 chericem1

- Don't forget to get permission to use student work, pictures or video for your classwork, your portfolio or for future classes. Here is an example. - cartierm cartierm

Surviving Professional Observations & Evaluations

Having Students Evaluate US! - a place to post surveys that you have given students. - knappla1 knappla1

Working Out the Kinks - Suggestions for surviving frequent observations when you're still working out the kinks of staying in the target language - chericem1 chericem1

Working with Students and Parents

Know your student (and teacher!) code of conduct- When students ask you to go to use the hall pass 3x in one hour, it is always beneficial as a young/beginning teacher to have the school rules to fall back on. When my students don't like that I did not allow passes the last 15 minutes of class, I simply stated it is a school policy I am upholding. It take the pressure, and the blame off of you and puts it on the school rules. This way, you have less to battle with your first years while you are still establishing yourself in that particular school. It may also help you deal with things like late homework policies, absent work, and cheating. I know quite a few schools now make students sign their code of conduct, so if they signed it, you can use that to enforce rules. It is helpful because you know that if you follow those rules or guidelines, you also have administrators who will back you up, which can be sooo helpful! - cartierm cartierm