Post songs and other music-related activities for teaching and learning French here.

"Coup de boule" - I'm not a French speaker, but I just heard this song and it's AMAZING! I loved it so much that I did some research on it and it's about Zindane, which is a French soccer player and the song came out in 2006 for the world cup. It was written as a joke and then because an instant internet success and went to the top of the French charts. It also has what I am assuming is "simple past" (I looked up the translation out of curiosity and all of the verbs end in an accented é). In any event, it would be a good song during world cup time! - burgeramy burgeramy

Francophone Music Resources - Comprehensive list of links to music resources for French teachers compiled by TBob (Bob Peckham from FLTEACH) - chericem1 chericem1

French Through Songs & Singing: Language and Culture Through Music Online - Interesting article with links to all sorts of pedagogical and scholarly resources for French teachers, including a collection of MP3s of French music. - chericem1 chericem1

Pigloo on Youtube So, not being a French-speaker myself, I don't know exactly what these adorable animated penguins are saying as they dance around to a vaguely reggae version of the Chicken Dance music. I do know that it's wonderful, and quite possibly useful for beginning French classes. If you look at the other pigloo videos on the sidebar in Youtube, there are several other equally adorable videos of animated penguins dancing and singing in French, including one with the music of the YMCA in it. - Bubblewrapper Bubblewrapper

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