Lesson plan for teaching reflexive verbs using Froggy se viste by Jonathon London

1. Using a transparency, teach/review the verbs that can be found in the book. (The ones that are blank on the attachment are ones the students are currently studying and can help fill out as you review.) You may need to review what a reflexive verb is and endings of the preterit tense here, as well.
2. Read the story aloud once as the students just listen. Use tone inflections, and actions as you tell the story. While you read the story a second time the students will fill in the blanks of the story with the appropriate conjugations (reflexive) of the verbs.
3. After the story, have the students answer questions about the story using both reflexive and non-reflexive verbs.

See complete lesson plan here
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Froggy Gets Dressed Bingo

Froggy Gets Dressed Dominoes

- Worksheet students can use to help them retell the story to a partner while their partner dresses a Froggy paper doll - chericem1 chericem1

Froggy Gets Dressed Colored Printables for Paper Doll Frogs

Froggy Paper Doll

Froggy Gets Dressed Clothes

Froggy Gets Dressed Underwear

Froggy Gets Dressed Coats
  • Part 1:
    • Look at the pictures
    • Stand in front of a picture
    • Draw a speech bubble
    • In Spanish, write what the character is saying.
    • Go stand by your desk.
  • Part 2: Act out what the teacher says.
  • Part 3:
    • Find a partner with your eyes, then put your head down
    • Decide who is A and who is B.
    • A gets a book. B gets paper dolls.
    • Partner A reads a page.
    • Partner B dresses their frog correctly