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These materials are from a presentation I gave at a building-wide inservice - chericem1 chericem1

- Here is a form I use to keep track of absent work. Have these sheets in a pre-determined place in the room, have students fill them out, and you can get them their work (or have them turn in work) quickly without a lot of time elapsing. - cartierm cartierm
- An outline of techniques for getting organized
- An extensive list of tools and strategies for keeping yourself and your classroom organized
- Tips on handling paperwork overload
Quick Homework Check-ins
The Paper Load: It's so much faster to grade tests, quizzes, homework etc a page at a time. So correct all page 1's, then all page 2's etc. It's so much faster than correcting each test/packet etc individually. I was told by another professional that she will even separate it by sections on the same page if they are very different (multiple choice vs translation vs true/false) It doesn't seem like it would save you that much time, but it really does! - cartierm cartierm

- Suggestions for materials you can create and reuse
- A form teachers can use to keep track of the purposes and times of student requests to come to Seminar help or work sessions
- Two postings from FLTEACH in which teachers describe filing systems that have worked for them

If you're looking for some concrete tools and systems to help you implement the suggestions outlined above by prioritizing your tasks, managing your time, and charting your progress, keep reading!

For the traveling teacher I suggest a portable bin with a closable lid. I bought one at Target for $8. Put in two hanging folders for each class, one labeled 1st period IN and the other labeled 1st period OUT. You can have the kids actually turn in assignments to the bin or collect them and put them in yourself. If they are turning in several assignments I would suggest a manila file folder for each different assignment with the assignment title written on the tab. This bin makes it extremely easy to transport papers from class to class and home and back to school. Plus it is very cost effective. I paid less than $15 for the whole set up and it has paid for itself in its first week of existence. - AnthonyFontana AnthonyFontana

Bins- Use hanging file folder bins to store your materials. I have one for each level, and one that I have that I use for multiple levels (photos, art etc) In here you can put both a clean copy and answer keys to worksheets, tests, etc. (I also add extras here too) My advice for paperwork is to ALWAYS get a CLEAN WHITE, PAPERCLIPED (NOT STAPLED) copy that you can use over and over again. I've found that color copies don't always copy well, and paperclips ensure that it is together, but you don't run it through the copy machine with staples in it, or tare it. I also add a small sticky note that says "copy me" on it, so that I know which is my true original. - cartierm cartierm

The Task Order Up - Absolutely positively PHENOMENAL blog posting that touches on all sorts of issues, many related to productivity and procrastination. The post contains links to free, innovative, practical tools that this graphic designer created based on fast food order systems to assist people in becoming more productive. The toolsare beautifully designed, printable in black and white or color, available in multiple formats (ppt, html, pdf, b/w or color, different sizes, etc.), and could easily be adapted for use with students, for lesson planning, etc.

The archives of his site are also definitely worth reading/exploring:
Here are some links to other useful tools from some of David Seah's other posts:

Concrete Goals Tracker (Online Version, PowerPoint Version)

Destructomatic Progress Tracker

Emergent Task Timer – Sample Filled Out Sheet

Power User Task Progress Tracker

The Printable CEO Series

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