This is not the most beautiful or creative worksheet. However, I do like the activity! At the beginning of every day, we ask the students' for their Good News. We write down five every day. They will say something like "It was my friend's birthday and I went to her party", then I ask questions about the party like "what kind of cake did you have?" and other follow up questions like that. Then I will write "miss nguyen went two her freinds birthday partey". After five people have shared their good news, we go back through and correct the errors.

I like this activity because it helps me stay in touch with what the students' are doing outside of class and helps me understand what their interests are and such. Also, it's possible to target specific aspects of grammar in the intentional mistakes. For example, at the beginning of the year, our students' always forget to start every sentence with a capital letter and end every sentence with a period. So I never capitalized anything or wrote end punctuation. This could be useful in foreign language as well. The teacher could intentionally conjugate the verb wrong or something.

- lucasme2 lucasme2