Add-ons: After students had learned sports/-ar verb infinitives and the basics of using me gusta/te gusta, we did this activity. Students were practicing agreeing and disagreeing with others, using: ni, tampoco, tambien, etc. Each student got one paper with one Spanish sentence at his or her desk. The rules are, students move, not papers. Silence in the classroom, communicate with your actions and eye contact. Students must respond to the question on their paper, then write a question for the next student based on the model. When finished, the student stands, looks around the room, and tries to make eye contact with someone else. These two then switch places and add onto the next paper. I let students go for 5-10 minutes depending on the class. Then, students edited the responses at their original seat. It gets repetitive, but provides lots of reading and writing practice, and students typically didn't mind the silence because the eye contact part felt like a game. I got this idea from my aunt, Jan Knapp, a teacher in Chippewa Valley Schools, MI. - decortem decortem

¿A quién le gusta…? Communicative activity utilizing me gusta, te gusta, le gusta and verb infinitives. After introducing basic sports/pastimes (and using gustar, of course), students had time in class to interview one another. During this mixer, students ask each other if they like to do certain activities. After recording the answers, students write sentences that share their findings. Students are speaking, writing, and interacting with one another. It actually wasn't too difficult to keep them in the TL! Success! - decortem decortem

Gusta Video - Outlines the basics of using the verb gustar, with examples to a fake rap beat - chericem1 chericem1

In this video, students compare advantages and disadvantages of technology using simple Spanish and the verb gustar - chericem1 chericem1

Verbs Like Gustar - Teaching ideas and activities - chericem1 chericem1

Gustar with Nouns (no verbs) - My kids loved the gustar video, ( I played it the very first day of class and they and here is a mixer I used where students had to go around and ask each other " te gusta(n)_ ?" Then then have to write down the person's name, and if they liked the item or not by circiling sí o no. After the students did this, I introduced "le gusta" to talk about what others like. This was a sucessful activity, but as always be sure to monitor and demand that they actually use the language instead of "here sign my sheet!" I am uploading both a pdf and word doc... Those of you on a pc may have trouble viewing the images on the word doc, so the PDF is here for you. Feel free to edit and change if you would like. - cartierm cartierm

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Piensapapel - This Piensapapel was made for a Spanish 3 class just as a quick review of gustar. I would NOT use it for Spanish 1 because it does not have much scaffolding at all. - angelajm00 angelajm00