Right now this is the only one I have made, but more to come...

¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Cómo se escribe?

I made this video so my Spanish 1 students could practice their alphabet while getting a cultural lesson. It includes six of the students I spoke with telling me their name and the spelling. There is time to write, then their name is spelled out with letters so students can self-check. Cultural points I touched on in class were:
  1. The trend of Peruvians with American-influenced names (with some interesting spelling) and multiple last/middle names
  2. The difference between non-native speakers' and native speakers' clarity in spelling out their names
  3. How in Peru, they seemed to prefer "¿Qué es la letrea?" to "¿Cómo se escribe?" You can hear me learning this in the first interview and subsequently confusing the rest of my interviewees by my mispronunciation! (disclaimer: I can't seem to find anything online confirming that ¿Qué es la letrea?" is an actual common phrase)
  • For a more advanced class, I would point out the very common Peruvian phrase "Es de.." that a few of the students use. It's used like "Es que..." is elsewhere (i.e. Spain) to mean a variety of things, such as "well, it's..." or "it's just that..." or even "I''m talking about..."

--- Is that what they are always saying? I lived in Peru for awhile and I always thought they were saying "este" and just using it as a filler word like we use "um" in English. - spanruss spanruss