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“Gustar”- Learning Centers

Spanish Level 1

This lesson will incorporate four learning centers to introduce/review the uses of the verb “gustar” while talking about art. These learning centers will provide students will the opportunity to practice the grammatical topics that they learned earlier in the week (singular vs. plural, negation) and provide them with a meaningful context in which they can express their likes and dislikes. Individual learning centers will focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. There will be one worksheet that includes the activities from each station.

L1: Listening: Students will watch a clip of a native speaker talking about art (his likes and dislikes). They will complete a worksheet that coincides with the video clip in order to assess their comprehension.
L2: Speaking: Students will view several paintings from the featured artist and discuss whether or not they like the painting. The teacher will lead this discussion.
L3: Reading: Students will be given a short passage about the featured artist to read and will complete comprehension questions.
L4: Writing: Students will change will write about how things are going for them so far in the Spanish course. They will write their likes and dislikes. If they complete this task before the end of the station they will also be asked to write at least two questions they have about anything that has been covered in class up until this point.

It is important for students to have the opportunity to practice new construction and vocabulary in a meaningful way. Bringing art into the lesson not only allows for the incorporation of culture into the lesson but also provides an opportunity for students to express their own feelings and opinions about a relevant topic. I also thought that it would be valid to incorporate a reflection about the class as the writing station because students can use the new grammatical construction to express their opinions and it is important to evaluate how the class is going. Also asking for questions that students might have, the teacher can find if there are any concepts that the class as a whole is still struggling with.

  • Students will be able to conjugate the verb gustar correctly. This will be assessed by listening to their verbal responses while discussing art, their ability to form written sentences in the writing stations and also their completion of comprehension questions provided in the worksheet.
  • They will be able to answer basic questions about the life and art of a famous artist provided on the student worksheet.
  • They will be able to understand main ideas of an audio clip. Their oral comprehension will be evaluated through the completion of comprehension questions given on a worksheet.
  • Students will be able to express their personal preferences. Assessment will take place through their ability to discuss art in the speaking learning station and also their ability to write about their likes and dislikes in the writing station.

Standards Addressed:

ü 1.1.N.SL.j Share likes and dislikes in the target language with a classmate.

ü 1.1.N.SL.k Share opinions and preferences in the target language with their classmates

ü 1.1.N.RW.j Share likes and dislikes in the target language with a classmate in writing, using email messages, notes, and letters

ü 1.1.N.RW.k Share opinions and preferences in the target language with their classmates in writing using email messages, notes, letters

ü 1.2.N.L.d Understand main idea of an audio presentation (CD, lecture, radio, podcast, songs/music)

ü 1.2.N.R.b Understand main idea of simple accessible written materials in the target language such as, textbook passages, age-appropriate magazine and newspaper articles/ads, websites/internet, poetry or stories

ü 2.2.N.C.a Identify current cultural icons (arts, music, literature, film, and the creators of these products as well as natural sites)

Materials Needed:
Video clip (I have this but it is too big of a file to upload!)
Pictures of paintings (PowerPoint)

Plain paper

Sequence of events:
  • The teacher will have students take a card from a deck of cards when they enter the room. These cards will be used later in the lesson to determine what groups students will be placed in for the learning centers. Hearts will be one group, spades another, etc.
  • The teacher will begin class with the warm-up question, “What is art?” students will write their responses to this question in English.
  • The teacher will give a basic introduction to art in Latin America. He/she will tell students that they will be completing learning centers today and that the focus of these stations is going to be about art.
  • The teacher will describe what is supposed to happen in each station and pass out the worksheet that supplements the different stations. This worksheet will be due at the end of the hour.
  • Students will be divided into four groups based on a previously arranged grouping system and assigned a station to work at. Students will spend approximately 10 minutes in every station.
    • Listening: Students will be given a video clip of a native speaker talking about art and his or her likes and dislikes. Students will watch the clip and fill out the corresponding section of the worksheet.
    • Speaking: The teacher present students in this group with 3 pieces of artwork that were created by the featured artist. The teacher will facilitate discussion between the students about their feelings about the paintings. Teacher will ask them whether or not they like the paintings and why. They will also ask students which is their favorite, etc.
    • Reading: Students will read an article about the featured artist that talks about their background and also the background of their artwork. Students will answer questions about the reading that will be provided on the worksheet.
    • Writing: In this station students will be asked to write about what they like and dislike about this class. The students will need to provide thoughtful responses on the worksheet. If they have extra time at the end, they will also be asked to ask the teacher two questions about anything that they have covered since the beginning of the year or something new that they are curious about.
  • Students will hand in their worksheets at the end of the hour. Each student will be responsible for handing in their own paper.