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Open House Ideas

  • Advocate (How studying a FL can help their children in other disciplines, special opportunities your program provides)
  • Communicate (Your beliefs about teaching, learning, classroom management and your expectations for students)
  • Connect (Provide your contact Information)
  • Educate (Reasonable expectations re: what students will know and be able to do after just one year of FL)
  • Engage (Show examples of the projects and activities students will become involved with during the year)
  • Equip (With resources)
    • Book club flyers (Scholastic Book Clubs in the FL)
    • Free resources and other materials students can use to practice the FL
    • Links to games and online resources for practicing the FL
    • Parent packet of materials (tips on how parents who don't speak the FL can help their children study for your class)
    • Public library offerings in the FL
    • Tips on studying your FL
  • Evaluate (Give a short quiz designed to evaluate how much parents know about culture, language, or language learning)
  • Inform (Offer information re: field trips, special summer programs, or study abroad opportunities)
  • Introduce (Yourself, community helpers, guest speakers, student teachers, or your language program)
  • Show (Use background music, bulletin boards, display tables, flyers, food samples, handouts, murals, realia, PowerPoint presentations, samples of student work, or videos to help parents see how much you have to offer their students)
  • Volunteer Opportunities (How can they help you?)
  • For more ideas, visit this recent discussion thread on parent open house

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