==Learning Center Plan==
===Level and Age:===French 1, high school

Brief Description:

This lesson consists of four learning centers, which focus on the vocabulary and grammar concepts within the theme for this unit (leisure vocabulary and passé compose). These centers involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking by implementing games, activities, authentic speaking opportunities, and kinesthetic learning opportunities.
===Rationale:=== Students will work on the four integrated skills in each of these centers to help reinforce the concepts that we have already introduced in class. This builds scaffolding by allowing students to review information, but then guides them to take it further. The stations appeal to different students by giving them the chance to engage in different types of learning with different classmates.
===Objective:=== Students will be able to correctly identify and use unit vocabulary, correctly conjugate verbs in the past tense, have experience in authentic communication in the target language. We will know if this goal is reached through the quality and completion of the assigned work.
Communication- 1.1.N.SL.h- exchange information in the TL on familiar topics such as personal interests, memorable experiences, school activities, and family life. 1.1.N.SL.k- share opinions and preferences in the TL with classmates. 1.2.N.R.b- understands the main idea of simple accessible written materials in the TL such as websites and internet and newspaper articles. Culture 2.1.N.H.d- identify and describe significant cultural events in a country in which the TL is spoken. Connections 3.2.N.a use audio, visual, and/or print materials available only in the TL to recognize that a topic or situation may be viewed differently in one's own culture than in the target culture.
===Materials needed:===
Station one: worksheets with instructions, MP3 recording device
Station two: worksheets with instructions and game board
Station three: worksheets with instructions, handouts of newspaper article and comprehension questions
Station four: worksheets with instructions and interview questions.
1. Explanation- At the beginning of class, the teacher will spend ten minutes describing each center, giving instructions, communicating expectations, and handing out materials. The teacher will also explain the group rotation and the amount of time allotted for each station (10 minutes). The teacher will also stress the importance of using as much French as possible during these activities.

2. Group Division- The teacher will use the group formation template in order to keep the activities and groups going smoothly. This will also allow students to work with a wide range of their classmates.

3. Station one: Charades- students will be given a vocabulary word and have to get other group members to guess the word. They will achieve this by: using gestures, actions, and creating a context with other French words (they cannot use any words included in the sentence). In order to make sure that the students are fully participating in this activity, the teacher will place an MP3 player in the center of the workspace and it will serve to record the dialogue. Students will be graded on their participation and their willingness to produce language.

4. Station two: Bataille Navale- verb conjugation review
In this activity, students will work with a partner to practice –er, -ir, -re, and irregular verb conjugations using the passé compose. The subject pronouns line the columns and you choose the infinitives that go down the side in rows. In order to make sure that the students are participating, they must write down the verbs that they are using (fill in the worksheets) and turn them in at the end of the class period.

5. Station three: Reading Comprehension activity
Students will complete an activity using the French 2006 World Cup Soccer Team. Students will answer questions about different players regarding their positions, jersey numbers, goals scored, and place of birth. This will help student develop reading skills in an authentic context and also allows students to have a first hand view of cultural diversity in France. In order to make sure that students are participating, they must turn in their worksheet with their written comments at the end of the class period.

6. Station four: Teacher center
In this station, the teacher will lead an interview discussion group based on the theme of the unit. Possible question topics: weekend activities, vacations, hobbies, seasonal sports, parties, and other interests.