This page contains links to weekly agendas, assignment sheets, and other materials for Professor Nielsen's Span 476R/496R Seminar in Spanish Teaching course for student teachers and interns.

Daily Assignments

El 10 de Abril

  1. Applying for jobs: Job Hunt, Substituting, Licensure in other States
  2. Applicando por trabajo
    1. Teachers Teachers
    2. World Teach
    3. International School Services

Clarificando la ultima clase y cuando tienen que entregar el TWS
La ultima clase estaremos reunidos en un restaurante: pongan sus opciones aqui y decidiremos. Reuniremos a las 5 hasta las 6pm.


el 27 de Marzo

1. Traen sus computadoras. Estaremos trabajando con los TWS's how para la clase.

el 20 de Marzo

  1. 1.Finish the discussions on the TWS.
    2. Preparing for interviews and asking for resumes.
Resume Assignment-BYU.doc
Resume Assignment-BYU.doc
Resume Assignment-BYU.doc
Letters of Recommendation#2.pptx
Letters of Recommendation#2.pptx
Letters of Recommendation#2.pptx

el 13 de Marzo

  1. ==Teacher Work Sample: Reflection & Self-evaluation

El 6 de Marzo

  1. Teacher Work Sample: Instructional Decision-making & Report of Student Learning

El 27 de Febrero

  1. Teacher Work Sample: Design for Instruction & Lesson Planning
  2. Repasamos los requisitos de los visitas y TWS
  3. Normal Teaching Phases

Image result for Beginning teacher mood chart
Image result for Beginning teacher mood chart

El 13 de Febrero

  1. Teacher Work Sample: Assessment Plan - Answer questions
  2. Due in class if you want feedback: Unit overview, rational etc.
  3. Make appointments for visits.

No Class on Tuesday Feb. 19.

El 6 de Febrero

  1. Planeamos algunas de las visitas

Teacher Work Sample: Unit Overview & Rationale,
  • Curriculum Development: Cultural Contextualization & the Connections Standard
  • || Unit Planning Web, National Standards & Objectives ||


el 30 de Enero

No Clase!

el 23 de Enero

  1. Contextual Factors
  2. Visits
  3. engaging students

el 16 de Enero

  1. !Bienvenido Mentores!


9 de Enero

  1. Bienvenida y comida
  2. Empezamos a ensenar
  3. Platicamos de los requisitos de la clase
  4. Expectaciones
  5. Como comunicarse con sus colegas
Empiezan Student Teaching cuando empieza su escuela en Enero!

Assignment Sheets

Contextual Factors

Course Information Survey

Planning for Substitutes

Teaching on a Block Schedule

Block Schedule Lesson Planning Templates

Helpful BYU Links

Important Dates

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BYU Theatre Education
Cell Phones in Learning (Liz Kolb)
First Days of School
Free thematic unit downloads
Kid's Tour of Latin Music Through Google Maps - A Google Map with links to videos of both folk and popular music from Spanish-speaking countries around the world
Max Perks
Ministerio de educación - Embajada de España
Name Games

Open House
Orienting Students to the Textbook
SAP PowerPoint Tools
Signals for Attention
Tools for Educators
UFLA Registration

Concept Map Software (for those who want to generate webs for your TWS electronically): - (Heavily used in the edtech community w/ K-12 students - easy to use - limited formatting - esp. good for elementary, special flash effects are fun at first)
Exploratree (Templates)
Freemind (Free from Sourceforge, but requires download)
Gliffy - (Heavily used in the edtech community w/ K-12 students - very robust (but ugly) interface. Allows you to upload your own images, includes many libraries of images, shapes, etc.; also allows you to do floor plans)
Mindomo (Beautiful interface, not quite as intuitive as some of the others, but can handle attachments of multimedia, documents, etc., and produces a more professional product)
Mindmeister - (Doesn't appear to be as robust in features as some of these other options)
Webspiration - (Looks similar to Inspiration & Kidspiration - have closed beta invitations for now)

Finding a Job Links

Alumni career services
Education services job search
Education services main page
Education services teacher fair
Global career
Normal career fair at BYU
Teacher fair at BYU
Videos for networking, interviewing, cover letters, dress for success


Span 476R -496R Syllabus

Teacher Work Sample

One way to display sample student work: SrMoss Teacher Work Sample

Examples of TWS units:

Tech Tools


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