Post information, ideas, and materials for teaching Si le das una galletita a un ratón here.


Lesson Plans

  • Clear your desk.
  • Get an envelope.
  • Spread the pictures on your desk.
  • Listen to the story.
  • Find the picture that matches what you hear.
  • Make a circle out of your pictures.
  • Find a partner.
  • Use the formula to retell the story to a partner (focus on form)

Pictures, Printables, & Other Worksheets
  • Help Mouse Get Ready for School - A worksheet where students have to find the school items amidst the mouse's mess
  • If . . . Then Cause/Effect Template
  • Mouse A Cookie School Maze - A maze that could be adapted so that it becomes a language activity
  • Mouse with a Pencil Coloring Page
  • Printables - The mouse with an empty glass of milk, the mouse coloring, and the mouse cooking up trouble in the kitchen
  • Shadow Match Worksheets - Great clip art and "shadows" that could be used to do shadow stories on the overhead (or matching in elementary grades)
  • Story Circle - Print this page and have students cut it into squares. As you tell the story, have students choose the correct images and put them in order so that they form a circle. Have students use the images to retell the story based on a template you give them such as, "If you give a mouse a . . ., he will ask you for a . . . ."