This page contains information and assignment sheets for Professor Nielsen's Span 380 Practicum in Teaching external image arrow-10x10.png.

Syllabus & Schedule
Important Documents

Assignments for Today

El 14 de Febrero


1. Hablaremos acerca de como crear assessments o examines, and adaptations

Entregan la tarea a mano: Contextual Factors Unit Overview, Focused Observation

El 7 de Febrero


  1. Hablaremos de los Contextual Factors y Unit overview

Entregan el 14 de Febrero: Contextual Factors, Unit Overview, Focused Observation

El 7 de Febrero

  1. Bienvenida
  2. Una substituta Lindsey Soutas va a ensenar la clase.
  3. Repasaremos los requisitos de la clase y que necesitan para sus visitas en el practicum.
    1. Focused Observations (see below)
    2. Requirements (see below)
  4. Hablaremos de los contextual factors.

El 23 de Febrero

Clase cancelado

El 17 de Enero

  1. Bienvenida
  2. Revisamos las aplicaciones de Student Teaching y contestamos preguntas.

El 10 de Enero

  1. Bienvenida
  2. Introducciones
  3. Hablaremos de algunos requisitos de la clase
  4. Hablaremos de la aplicacion de Student Teaching

Entregan la Autobiografia el 13 de Enero - Mandarla a Professora Nielsen-Denis.

Field Reports

(Due every Tuesday once you begin your visits)

Focused Observation Sheets

(Complete any two and turn them in by Feb. 14 and Mar. 14)

Lesson Plan Template

(Teach at least 30 hours during your practicum. Be sure to get feedback from your mentor on your lesson plans, and submit your lesson plan to Professor Nielsen-Denis on the day she comes to observe.)

- Complete this template for each

LearningScoreLogo.jpg - Very cool, free external image arrow-10x10.png you can external image arrow-10x10.png and use to create a lesson plan by dragging and dropping elements into a timeline.

10-minuteLessonPlans.png - This online tool walks you through the process of creating a lesson plan and allows you to save and print it when you are done.

- This document contains a list of possible options you can choose from while planning world external image arrow-10x10.png. Each section is hyperlinked to pages in this wiki where you can external image arrow-10x10.png templates and find activity descriptions and ideas

Professional Evaluation

(You, your mentor, and Professor Nielsen-Denis should each complete this form after you have spent 40 hours observing and teaching in the classroom. It is due no later than April 18.)


1) Spend 40 hours assisting in your mentor teacher's classroom and turn in a field report every Tuesday.

2) Complete 2 focused observations.

3) Schedule an appointment with Professor Nielsen-Denis to come observe you teach at least once. Provide Professor Nielsen-Denis with a hard copy of your lesson plan, seating chart and related materials for the period she comes to observe you.

4) Complete a self-evaluation form by April 18.

5) Turn in your mentor's evaluation by April 18.

7) Turn in all assignments by April 18.



(Due by April 18)

Student-focused Videotape Assignment

(Due March 7)

Supervisor Evaluation

(When Professor Nielsen-Denis comes to observe you, she will fill out this rubric)

Teacher Work Sample


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