This page is devoted to assisting second language teachers in better meeting the needs of students with special needs by exploring questions such as:
  • How might some of the special needs that students may have influence their
performance in the second language classroom?
  • What are some ways that language teachers can adapt classroom activities, assignments, and materials to better serve students with special needs?
  • What materials, resources, and tools are available to help language teachers support students with special needs?
  • How can teachers help students with special needs to recognize their gifts and build on their strengths?

At-risk Students and the Study of Foreign Language

Adapting Materials & Strategies for Special Needs Students

A girl asks Neil deGrasse Tyson if he knows any dyslexic scientists - He discusses the ways in which the field of science accepts a wide variety of people with special needs and explains compensatory strategies in child-like language

Assistive Technologies

Resources from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Assisting Those with Special Needs

Foreign Language & Students with Special Needs

Legal Issues

  • Wrights Law - Links to a variety of legal resources related to Special Education


  • Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights - Links to an extensive number of sites containing information for parents and community members on advocating for children with special needs, community support organizations, health insurance, and more

  • Education Resources: Special Education and School Psychology Sites - This page contains links to American Sign Language Browser, Gifted Education Resource Guide, Internet Resources for School Counselors, Internet Resources for Special Children, Pitsco Launch to Gifted and Talented Resources, School Psychology Resources On-line, Special Education Home Page, Special Education Resource Area, Special Needs Network: WWW Resources, and the University of Virginia Special Education Website.


Teaching Students About People With Disabilities

  • A Guide to Children's Literature & Disability - A bibliography of children's books about disabilities and/or that contain characters with disabilities
  • Berenguer, Carmen. (1992). El rey mocho. Caracas, Venezuela: Ediciones Ekaré. ISBN 980-257-068-0. - A children's story about how a king who is missing an ear learns to accept himself and his disability.
  • 2015IbbySelectionOfOutstandingBooksForYoungPeopleWithDisabilities.JPG

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning in 5 Minutes - Short video illustrated with post-its with subtitles in English compares UDL to design of a new building. Focuses on 3 principles of UDL (engagement, representation, and action & expression).

A Mouthful of M&Ms: Meeting the Needs of Multiple Students Through Multimedia & Meaningful Materials - Materials from Cherice's MiWLA workshop (Updated 11/6/06)

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