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Basics of Story-based Instruction

1) - A list of principles for selecting children's books appropriate
for use with second language learners. More about selecting culturally authentic texts - chericem1 chericem1

2) - Outlines key considerations in developing a story-based
lesson and includes lists of possible pre-, during, and post-reading activities - chericem1 chericem1

3) - Outlines the key purposes of pre-, during, and post-reading activities
- chericem1 chericem1

4) - Tips for reading stories to your students
- chericem1 chericem1

5) Reading Strategies That Benefit All Learners - An annotated list with some templates and examples - chericem1 chericem1

Book Lists

Books Online

Lesson Plans

Alexander y el día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroso
El árbol generoso/The Giving Tree - Good for preterit v. imperfect, as well as for a unit encompassing topics such as friendship, generosity, giving, or service - SarahPCat SarahPCat

Así vamos - Useful for places in a city, present tense, transportation vocabulary - chericem1 chericem1

La canción de Gabriela - daneral20 daneral20

La caña de azúcar

Una carta a Dios

La casa adormecida - Great for adjective agreement

La casa que Juan construyó - House That Jack Built - Great for introducing preterit tense in Spanish - chericem1 chericem1

Chumba, la cachumba - Useful for working with time and verbs in Spanish

El código del karateka

Corduroy - Useful for working with preterit v. imperfect

Los Cuentos de Señor Carpintero - 2 silly stories I wrote in PowerPoint to teach opposite words and present tense -ar verbs - Bubblewrapper Bubblewrapper

Don Quijote - A lengthy list of teaching ideas and activities

Donde viven los monstruos- Pre-reading activity that focuses on identifying and describing body parts - leonar77 leonar77 (plus additional lesson plans and video clip of the book in Spanish)
DoucetteIndexLogo.gif - K-12 lesson plans for use with popular children's books

El día de Miranda para bailar

El día de muertos

El día que la boa de Jimmy se comió la ropa

El espíritu de Tío Fernando

El guardián de los gatos - limaso limaso

En las punas


Fairy Tales - Ideas for Using - Suggestions for ways language teachers can use fairy tales in class

Fairy Tales - Using to Teach Preterit & Imperfect - Ideas from Richard Ladd

Fonchito y la luna (by Mario Vargas Llosa)

Froggy se viste A great way to teach/reinforce reflexive verbs! - blitzsar blitzsar

La gallinita roja - Good for direct object pronouns

El globo de María

Guillermo Jorge Manuel José

Hoky el lobo solidario Good for teaching about kindness, bullying, etc. - larsenh2 larsenh2

La hora de acostarse de Francisca - Useful for units involving commands, present subjunctive, and childhood

La lechera - Fable

Jorge, el curioso

Juan Bobo

Max y los monstruos

La oruga muy hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) A great way to teach/reinforce the differences between preterit/imperfect! - blitzsar blitzsar

Mi primer libro de dichos - An excellent book, available online for free, that can be used for an art-based lesson on proverbs

La princesa vestida con una bolsa de papel

La muerte de Salcedo

La niña invisible - A great book for discussing bullying, gangs, human rights, and prejudice

Oso polar, oso polar, ¿qué es ese ruido?

Oye al desierto/Listen to the Desert

Using a picture to create a mini TPRS story. - adamolau adamolau

Pequeño Nicolás

El pez arco iris

Por fin es carnaval

Los pretendientes de Martina

La princesa vestida de una bolsa de papel - Useful for a unit on stereotypes, prejudice

El principito

Reading Files to Share - A collection of activities, rubrics, and worksheets for book talk assignments, stories, etc.

La rebelión de los cuentos

El secreto en la caja de fósforos

Si le das una galletita a un raton

Si llevas un ratón a la escuela
Sopa de Cactus por Eric A. Kimmel

¡Tacos de lodo! - madrid2011 madrid2011

¡Tú sí puedes, Gabriela! - krothert krothert

El viaje de Isaac por Francisca Altamira

La tortuga: mitos y leyendas (google slideshow) - unklesbay unklesbay

Learning Spanish with Children's Books - an awesome blog that includes a list of topics and books to go along with each (some include activity materials too!) - hawkin28 hawkin28


Free Reading--Not Either-Or - A short explanation of ways to encourage students to read in the target language

- A list of principles for selecting children's books appropriate for use with second language learners

- Outlines key considerations in developing a story-based lesson and includes lists of possible pre-, during, and post-reading activities

- Outlines the key purposes of pre-, during, and post-reading activities

Reading Strategies - Information on a book of helpful activities designed to teach reading strategies to students using culturally authentic passages

Remedies for Reading Woes - A brief list of suggestions and resources for pre-, during, and post-reading activities

Sample Block Lesson Plan Containing Ideas for Teaching Literature

- Tips for reading stories to your students

Things to Keep in Mind When Teaching Literature on the Block

Pre-, During, Post-Reading Activities


(From Lynn Fulton Archer)

Big Books





Students can create their own stories using a variety of low-tech (or high tech) options:

Low-Tech Options

  • Big book

Higher Tech Options

AnimotoLogo.jpg - Upload images and the software will analyze them, suggest music, and remix them to create an interesting video collage that you can share with others

bubblePLY_logo.gif - Allows you to add speech and thought bubbles to any online video. Great for drawing students' attention to specific features of a video clip, for encouraging them to use their language skills to comment on the content of the video by having them insert them

KerpoofLogo.jpg - Allows students or teachers to use comics and different characters with different emotional body language...You can create stories and apply text and thought bubbles. It goes up to 4 frames, but to do more than one, you can simply create 2 individual sets. It allows you to print and email them after!! But be sure you do! The site does not store them once you've closed the browser!

OurStoryLogo.jpg- FANTASTIC - upload text, photos, and videos into a simple to produce a chronologically sequenced timeline. Can collaborate with others, customize, and share. Choose a type of album, answer questions, it generates for you

PikistripsLogo.png - Allows you to drag and drop photos and text to tell stories in a comic book format

SlideStoryLogo.png - Allows you to audio narration onto a slideshow

StorybirdLogo.gif - AWESOME site allows students to choose artwork from real children's book artists for their stories. In order to get diacritical marks into the text, students will need to type their stories in Word, then copy and paste into the text boxes

ViddlerLogo.jpg- Allows you to upload up to 500 MB of video directly from the camera to the website, insert timed comments, tags, and share with others

VoicethreadLogo.jpg - Easy way to connect photos and voices--particularly useful for emphasizing language without ignoring visual (in FL classes, for example). Would also be great for capturing family history

Teaching Proficiency with Reading & Storytelling (TPRS)

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