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I had a middle school student who was extremely reluctant. Although very bright, he did EXTREMELY poor in class. He rarely turned in ANYTHING with more than his name on it, and whined and complained that everything we did was in, or about Spanish. He was extremely personable kid, but had problems concentrating and with hyperactivity. He always came into the room shouting and one day pretended to be "teacher." He then asked if he could teach the class, and of course my response was "No way!" But that sparked my thinking, and we made a deal. I said that if he could bring his grade up to a C, he could teach the class for 30 minutes. (of course with topic and ideas cleared through me) Well, in about 2 weeks, his grade changed completely, and he ended up teaching 2 of my classes because he did such a good job with it. (The first class he taught I became a student just like him- just to give him a taste, and because I was so obnoxious, I let him do it again so he could ACTUALLY teach) He apologized for his behaviors and was begging me to stop all his classic behaviors by the end of the class. It was very effective, and strengthened our relationship a lot. Although this worked, I could see where with certain students it would not be effective. Be sure the student takes the job of "teacher" seriously, and presents a topic he/she is highly interested in. - cartierm cartierm

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