TELL 478 - DLI Spanish Immersion Student Teaching

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Starting Meeting

06 de Enero


Empezaremos a las 11am - 1pm.
  1. Hablaremos de las expectativas de la clase y los requisitos de maestros estudiantes.
  2. Hablaremos de como comunicar con sus mentores.

Weekly Assignments

Semana #1 - Entregan el sabado el 6 de Mayo

1. Teacher Observation and Reflection
Observe your mentor teacher teaching a lesson in the immersion language for one hour. The lesson may be in any subject (science, social studies, math, language arts). Using the DLI Core Instructional Strategies Observation Protocol developed by the state of Utah, fill out the sheet and take notes as you observe. Following your observation, write a reflection of 3-4 pages on what you observed. You may want to organize your reflection around the categories of the protocol sheet (Content and Language Objectives, Comprehensible Input, Modeling Cycle, Language Supports, Student Engagement, and Checking for Understanding). Make note of any teaching strategies that you found beneficial and want to apply yourself, as well as any areas that might be improved, and any additional insights you may have. You should submit the following materials for this assignment:

  • Complete protocol sheet (if handwritten, you can scan it and submit a PDF)
  • Written reflection of 3-4 pages

Semana #2 - Entregan el sabado el 13 de Mayo

2. Interview with Mentor Teacher

Using the Questions for Mentor Teacher handout, conduct an interview with your mentor teacher and take notes of his or her responses. You may want to record the interview with your mentor teacher’s permission, although recording is not required. Following the interview, write a reflection of 3-5 pages summarizing what you learned. You may want to simply list the questions in bold, followed by a summary of the teacher’s responses. You should conclude with a section highlighting what, to you, were the most salient points of the interview and relating them to yourself and your own teaching.

Semana #3 - Entregan el sabado el 20 de Mayo

3. For this assignment you will film yourself teaching a lesson in math, science, or social studies, analyze the video, and submit a written reflection. You are welcome to use one of the scripted lessons provided by the state. The purpose of this assignment is “get outside yourself” and see yourself as your students see you (to the extent that that’s possible), to identify some of your strengths as a teacher as well as possible areas for improvement. You should submit the following materials for this assignment:

  • Pre-filming reflection and post-viewing reflection
  • The video itself (preferably submitted via

Further instructions may be found in the Video Reflection document.

Semana #4 - Entregan el sabado el 27 de Mayo

4. For this assignment you will plan, teach, and assess an original lesson using the literacy textbook(s) for your language and grade level. I have attempted to list these below, but you may use other materials approved by the state and used by your teacher:

Chinese: Mandarin Matrix, Better Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Language for Primary Schools, Primary Mandarin Readers, Step by Step, Level Chinese
French: Super Gafi, A l’école des livres, Mille-feuilles
German: Niko
Portuguese: Linguagens, Português de A a Z
Spanish: Calle de la Lectura, Antología

The lesson should be planned using the Utah DLI Lesson Template and should incorporate the Utah DLI Instructional Framework (see diagram) and Core Instructional Strategies (see the observation protocol from Assignment 1). These are built into the lesson plan template, but I suggest rereading them. After teaching the lesson, write a 3-5 page reflection based on the questions listed in the Reflection on Literacy Lesson Plan document. You should submit the following materials for this assignment:

  • Lesson plan (completed according to template)
  • Reflection on lesson

Lesson Plan Template

Student Permission Form Editable