This page contains links to weekly agendas, assignment sheets, and other materials for Dr. Cherice Montgomery's TELL 435 Dual Language Immersion Language & Literacy course from Winter 2017.

Some of the information in the online BYU Undergraduate Catalogue for the DLI minor is NOT correct. The actual program requirements were updated, but there's a long introductory text, also labeled "Program Requirements," that references all the old TELL courses and sequences that no longer apply. (It is in the process of being corrected, but those changes won't be reflected until Fall 2018.)
In the meantime, students can find the correct info on the Center for Language Studies website. If they go to the BYU home page and type "DLI" in the search bar, the first thing that comes up is the CLS site with the new requirements, course rotation, and FAQs.


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