Here is an idea about teaching students how to management their time.

I decided it would be a good idea to spend a day or two teaching students how to manage their time more effectively because our students are very busy and most have never actually been shown how to use a planner or map out their day.

I first introduced why Time Management was important, having the students do a game called 'Popcorn' where they pop up from their seats, say one idea, and sit back down, it's not really controlled except for how long they have to talk, which is to express one quick idea.

Then, the students read an article on time management, which I found on the internet. See below.

I then pulled out the handy dandy overhead projector and filled in a one week schedule with the students using one student's life as an example who in the class. They really enjoyed this. I first wrote down what classes they had on the bottom of the schedule, how long they usually needed to do their homework, if they had a job and when they worked, how long chores took at night, if they had to help their siblings with homework, or any other extracurriculars they might have. This gives the students perspective. Then I proceed to fill it in for students, asking if they could give up 15 min. in the morning to read their English, 30 min. at lunch to complete geometry. I fill it in, and usually the students were just amazed at how much time they could save managing their own time! I then passed out the overhead to each student and assigned it as homework. I also gave them a monthly calendar so they could fill that in as well, with birthdays, club activities, etc. Be sure they include the times!

Lesson Plan of Time Management Introduction

Blank Overhead AND Homework sheet for students

Time Management Tips for High School Students Article

Here is are cool websites I found that have a lot of resources:

- litwins5 litwins5