Housekeeping (5 min.)

  • Anything critical?

Learning Logs (10 min.)

  • List 3 gaps in your understanding, needs, or concerns
  • Set 3 goals that will help you to address those gaps, needs, or concerns
  • List the very NEXT step you will take to move yourself toward these goals

Professionalizing our Practice (30 min.)
  • Products of Language Teaching & Learning – Assessment, Accountability, & Understanding
  • Concept Maps - Cherice's thoughts on what you turned in
  • Survey Monkey - Now that you've looked at the "front" end, what does the "back" end look like? How might you use this as an assessment tool in your classes?
  • Purposes for Assessment: It's all about the feedback!
* Assessment in Practice: If thinking = learning, how can we change our assessment practices in ways that will change students' thinking? (Multiple Choice Debates, Group Quizzes, etc.)
  • Conversation About Syllabus & Explanation of Assignments
  • Using Performance-based Assessment to Support Student Learning & Inform Instructional Decision-making in the FL Classroom

The Job Search: (25 min.)
  • Job search as a form of assessment (for them and for you)
  • Overview of the process - Wiki resources
* Carl's Story!

BREAK (15 min.)

Collaboration Stations (60 min.)

  • Small Group Consultations with Cherice
    • Classroom Management Video Clips & Discussion
    • Things v. Energy (Stress Management)
  • Swap Shop
  • Teaching Demonstrations

Insights & Issues: Nominate insights or issues for discussion. (20 min.)

Time Management & Organization - Task Cards

Announcements (5 min.)

Take a look at these!


Assignments for Next Week

  • Agenda Items - Nominate items for the agenda by adding them to this page
  • Case Study (Restructure as a personal project?)
* Insights & Issues Posting - Post to Angel
  • Swap Shop - Come prepared to share
  • Teaching Demonstrations - If you signed up, come prepared to present