Housekeeping (5 min.)

  • Clarification of Assignments
  • Where are we on the wiki? (We've gone worldwide! People from over 15 different countries have viewed our pages!)
  • MiWLA 2007 Conference Volunteer Form

Learning Logs (10 min.)

  • Goals Progress Check: 3 things that are going well + 2 concerns + 1 question

The Job Search: (25 min.)
  • Finding Job Openings
  • Making the Match: The Cover Letter
  • Showing What You Know: The Resume

Insights & Issues: Nominate insights or issues for discussion. (20 min.)

  • Regaining Some Control - What are some good ways, now that the semester is starting fresh, to regain control of a class that may have started to lose it? - armst136 armst136 Does anyone have any upperclassmen-specific tips? - knappla1 knappla1 Is it wise/feasible to amend or add to policy/procedures at semester with returning students?

  • Teaching Grammar - What to do, how to do it, when to do it, should we do it? I need some inspiration on how to practice using new grammatical concepts while WRITING without just translating sentences.- batorbro batorbro I am finding that my kids are definitely more interested in me telling them them grammar in a very structured format instead of me asking them to deduce what the concept is. How do I motivate my kids to want to figure it out on their own? - drosteb1 drosteb1

  • Interactive Activities - What's working, what isn't, why isn't it, are they learning, how can you tell?

  • Communicating Effectively with Administrators - How can I communicate more effectively with administrators (and field instructors) in order to get the support I need? (Anonymous)Gangs - What do you do if you suspect a couple of your students are in a gang. I know we've talked about the signs, and I think I can see them, but not entirely sure. Suggestions? - winokurk external image winokurk-sm.jpg

  • What do you need from your mentors for next semester? - Comments on "the list"

BREAK (15 min.)

Professionalizing our Practice (30 min.)
Making Instruction Accessible to All Students: Packaging Knowledge & Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Learners
  • Knowledge Packages & Concept Knots (Examples, PowerPoint Summary)
* How does this information link to what we know about the purposes of assessment, planning, and feedback?

Collaboration Stations (60 min.)

  • Swap Shop
    • I am in need of a few activities (an actual worksheet/game/activity - something ready/easy to use by another teacher after printing it off) in ANY language as I am putting together a foreign language packet for the department in my district. - batorbro batorbro Check out the Cooperative Learning Link under Instructional Strategies. The bottom of this page also has some things that you might find helpful:
  • Teaching Demonstrations
    • I'm willing to do a hear/say activity demo (5 min)- batorbro batorbro - Okay, plan on it! - chericem1 chericem1

Announcements (5 min.)

Take a look at these!

Assignments for Next Week

  • Agenda Items - Nominate items for the agenda by adding them to this page
  • Cover Letter - Bring a draft of a cover letter to class
* Insights & Issues Posting - Post an issue or a response to Angel
  • Swap Shop - Come prepared to share, bring enough hard copies of whatever you plan to share for the group (or post in the appropriate section on the wiki PRIOR to class)
* Teaching Demonstrations - If you want to present, come prepared to do so with a 5-7 min. activity. If you don't plan to present, click the sign-up link to choose a day.