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--Tech Tricks for Presentations

Download videos from YouTube and other sites :: All-In-One Video Bookmarklet - chrisfritz chrisfritz
Cross-platform. Download any video from YouTube and a bunch of other sites with only three clicks and without downloading any extra program or plug-in. Follow the link for instructions or ask me (Chris) if you have any questions

Play any video or audio file :: VLC Media Player - chrisfritz chrisfritz
Cross-platform. Commonly referred to as the swiss army knife of media players, VLC can handle anything - even the FLV files you'll often get from downloading YouTube videos.

Save a webpage as a PDF file - chrisfritz chrisfritz
Mac OS X / Linux. If your operating system has a Print-to-PDF feature (like Mac OS X and many distributions of Linux), then you can print from your browser and select the PDF printer. The website will then be saved as a PDF file on your computer, so you can bring up the site during your presentation whether the internet is working or not. *Note* - this basically takes a picture of the webpage, so it will not preserve links or embeddable objects.

Save complete webpages to your computer (including links) in... - chrisfritz chrisfritz

This should preserve links but the problem remains that some embeddable objects (such as YouTube videos) will still be inaccessible unless you have internet access. It's also important to note that this technique doesn't always work perfectly for all webpages, so it'd be good to good to go offline, clear your browser cache and try to open the saved webpage to see if everything's really going to work.

Get Office 2007 Ultimate for $59.95 (91% off!) if you have a .edu email address :: Student Discount from Microsoft - chrisfritz chrisfritz
Windows XP / Vista. Personally, I find the latest version of PowerPoint to be a godsend when making presentations and with this deal, you get EVERYTHING in the Microsoft Office suite. Unfortunately, I don't think this deal is available for the Office 2008, which is the Mac version :-( . Also, if you don't have that kind of cash lying around, there's always the free, multi-platform, but less full-featured OpenOffice suite.

--Websites from the Technology Conference

Google Docs - Great for collecting form information and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Wikispaces - I'm think most of you have probably heard of this one. :-p - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Make Beliefs Comix - Allows you and students to create your own comic strips. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Bombay TV - Allows you to put subtitles on clips from Bollywood movies. Hilarious. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Edublogs - A blogging site designed specifically for educators. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Voki - Have your voice speak along with a customizable avatar. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Animoto for Education - Easily make slideshows and MTV-style music videos that can be shared online. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Blabberize - Upload a picture of a head and the mouth will move along with audio you upload. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Voicethread - A secure K-12 network for students and teachers to collaborate and share ideas with classrooms anywhere in the world. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

Read, Write, Think - Tons of online resources for any kind of teaching. - chrisfritz chrisfritz

I don't think the sites below are as relevant for modern language teachers, but I'll include them anyway.

Interactive Mathematics - chrisfritz chrisfritz

TerraClues - chrisfritz chrisfritz

--Current events and short readings

Tense Rivalries Threaten a Melting-Pot District (NYT, 9/24/08) - jbale jbale

Fast Food Hits Mediterranean: A Diet Succombs (NYT, 9/24/08) - jbale jbale

French Muslims Moving to Catholic Schools (NYT, 9/30/08) - jbale jbale

--Books of interest

The Story of French - jbale jbale

The Line Between Us: Teaching about the Border and Mexican Immigration - jbale jbale

The Foreign Language Educator in Society - jbale jbale

Learning and Not Learning English - jbale jbale

Spelling Trouble: Language, Ideology and the Reform of German Othography - jbale jbale

The Modern Language Journal - jbale jbale

Teaching Language: From Grammar to Grammaring - jbale jbale

Do You Speak American (book) - jbale jbale

Do You Speak American (website - jbale jbale

At War with Diversity: US Language Policy in an Age of Anxiety - jbale jbale

Lasting Change in Foreign Language Education - jbale jbale

The American Bilingual Tradition - jbale jbale

Heritage Language Education: A New Field Emerging - jbale jbale

Teaching with Your Mouth Shut - jbale jbale

The First Days of School - litwins5 litwins5 (Very beneficial to me the first few days of my internship!)

The Ultimate Spanish Review & Practice - litwins5 litwins5 (I use this almost everyday in my internship!)
Also comes in French