TE 802 Agenda for 11-3-06

0) Housekeeping:
  • Roll
  • Pick up resource packet Pages From the Panic File from the Copy Center on the 5th floor of Erickson ($8.11 - Cash or check only)
  • State of Michigan Requirements - An Update
* I posted the parent teacher conference paper Cherice wrote under the Parents section - gutier50 gutier50

1) Learning Logs: Reflections

  • What has been painful about the process of learning to teach so far?
* What feeds or energizes you as both a person and a teacher?
  • If you had more time, what would you do with respect to your teaching that you aren't doing now?

2) Research & Reflection: The Emerging Issues Inquiry Project

3) Insights & Issues: Nominate insights or issues for discussion

Items raised for discussion at the mentor meeting:
  • Planning, Pacing, Scaffolding, & Spiraling
* Balancing The Various Skills
  • Developmentally Appropriate Activities (Fun v. Learning/Teaching from/with the Text)
  • Managing Classroom Activities Effectively
* Another Look at Grammar
  • When Kids Fail
  • What Interns are Doing Well
  • What Interns Have Said They Need From Their Mentors

4) Collaboration Stations: (Nominate a workshop or insert specific topics you'd like to discuss)

  • Consultation Time with Cherice - Discuss your Inquiry Project Plan & get help with the wiki
* MiWLA Swap Shop - Share ideas and insights from the MiWLA Conference
    • I attended a great session re: warm-up activities and will run off enough copies of the handout for everyone. - heinke_raymond heinke_raymond
  • Teaching Demonstrations - Anyone want to do one?

5) Assignments You Should Complete BEFORE Class on 11-3-06:
  • Agenda Items - Nominate items for the agenda by adding them to this page
  • Insights & Issues - Post them to Angel if you have them. E-mail me directly about urgent concerns
* Inquiry Project Questions - Post your research question to the wiki in the discussion section of the Inquiry-Research-Reflection page.
  • Long-term Assignments - Get subscribed to FLTEACH, keep working on your inquiry project, videotape yourself teaching
  • Midterm Evaluation - E-mail Cherice or post on the discussion board of this page of the wiki:
    • What's working for you?
    • What do you need from class in the upcoming weeks?
  • Most Successful Activity - Post the most successful activity you used this month to the wiki (post both on the discussion forum and in the appropriate place on the wiki)
  • Curriculum Expectations/Guidelines/Standards - If your mentor teacher is expected to include certain things in the curriculum, complete a certain number of chapters, or cover a certain amount of material by the end of the semester, please bring a copy of those guidelines with you to class.