TE 802 Agenda for 12-8-06

  • Roll
  • Michigan Merit Core Curriculum FAQs
  • Anthony - Post info. on TPRS conference
  • Rachel K. - Bring songs packet
    • Rachel K. Can post this to the Spanish page. Her first attempt to do so failed, but will seek help to do this on 12/8/06 in class:) - rachelklomp rachelklomp Now posted under Spanish, Songs & Music-related Activities

0) Learning Logs:

  • Important "aha" from this semester
  • Biggest remaining question(s)
  • Advice for Cherice for next semester re:
    • Assignments (shoulds, shouldn'ts, what we do with them in class)
    • Use of class time
    • Wiki
    • Work and its relationship to your placements

1) Emerging Issues Inquiry Project Presentations

2) Collaboration Stations: View Videotapes

3) Insights & Issues: Nominate insights or issues for discussion.

  • Extra Copies of Worksheets
* Google Maps
  • NCLB Humor
  • Survey Monkey
  • Teacher Salary Humor

4) Learning Logs: Reflections on the Semester

  • Concept Maps
  • Syllabus for next semester: What do you need? What do we need to change?
  • What do you need from your mentors for next semester - Let's make a list
  • Where are we on the wiki?


6) Assignments for Today:
  • Agenda Items - Nominate items for the agenda by adding them to this page
  • Inquiry Project - Come prepared to present it in class
  • Videos - Bring a copy of your videotape if you are willing to share it in class
* Post scope and sequence on the textbook page if okay with your mentor