Learning Logs (5 min.)

What do you value about the work that you're doing right now?

Teaching Demos (70 min.)

1) Heinke Raymond ... Sorry! I'm not going to be able to do my demo this week! I'll sign up again for later this semester. - heinke_raymond heinke_raymond

2) Kira Flannery

3) Carl Armstrong

4) Rachel Klomp

5) Katie Winokur

6) - knappla1 external image knappla1-sm.jpg

BREAK (15 min.)

Swap Shop (10 min.)

Professionalizing our Practice (15 min.)

Using Social Technologies to Support the 3 Modes of Communication

The Job Search: (30 min.)
  • Resume Round Robin
  • Teaching Philosophies

Insights & Issues: Nominate insights or issues for discussion. (20 min.)

  • Unit Plan Timing - Just something I was wondering and would not mind discussing is - time (in terms of how many days spent on a unit or chapter) vs. material covered. What has everyone else's experience been, what is a good way to guage or plan, etc? ~~Holly (I can never remember how to sign this thing correctly)

Housekeeping (5 min.)

  • Tech Assignment
  • Guest Speakers

Announcements: Take a look at these!

Making Instruction Accessible to All Students: Packaging Knowledge & Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Learners

Assignments for Next Week

  • Agenda Items - Nominate items for the agenda by adding them to this page
  • Insights & Issues Posting - Post your opinions about what you need from your mentor this semester to Angel. I will compile the list and send out to mentors.
  • Resume - Bring a draft of a resume to class for feedback
  • Swap Shop - Come prepared to share, bring enough hard copies of whatever you plan to share for the group (or post in the appropriate section on the wiki PRIOR to class)
  • Teaching Demonstrations - If you want to present, come prepared to do so with a 5-7 min. activity. If you don't plan to present, click the sign-up link to choose a day. (If you didn't present last week, you will this week!)
  • Technology Assignment - Think about some of the technologies you'd like to try using as tools for teaching or learning and bring a list of them with you to class.