Remember that I will not be in class today due to a job interview, but Alisa Kesler (a doctoral student in Teacher Education) has graciously agreed to serve as my substitute. She will facilitate your activities today. Today is going to be an EXTREMELY hands-on class. The further along you are on your resume, your teaching philosophy, and your technology project when you come to class, the more you'll get out of class.

Swap Shop (5 min.) - Time to distribute only, so make sure you include enough written explanation that we can try the activity without you. My advice--line the handouts up across the tables and then each person walk through and pick up one copy of each handout for themselves assembly-line style. If you post to the wiki, bring a hard copy for Cherice and give it to Alisa

Technology Projects (85 min.) - Use this time to experiment with some technologies and discuss their possibilities with your peers and with technology experts from the MSU Writing Center. For ideas, visit: I have reserved a cart of wireless PC laptops for you. Alisa will ask one of the Tech Interns (a.k.a. TIES) to bring them into the room and then be sure they get returned to a Tech Intern (TIES) at the end of class.

BREAK (10 min.)

The Job Search: (70 min.)
  • Peer Response Presentation - Facilitated by experts from the MSU Writing Center
  • Teaching Philosophy Peer Response - Trade teaching philosophies and use the Peer Response Process to provide your peers with feedback (Alisa will pass out a worksheet to remind you of the process)
* Resume Peer Response - Trade resumes and use the Peer Response Process (and the resume rubric Alisa will pass out) to provide your peers with feedback

Insights & Issues: Nominate insights or issues for discussion.

Announcements: Take a look at these!

Is there anyone who would like for us to address these issues related to classroom culture in our next class, or have we dealt with them sufficiently this year to move on to other things?

Professionalizing our Practice: Creating a Culture for Language Learning – Contextualization, Cultural Authenticity, & Classroom Management

  • Immersing Students in Cultural Authenticity
  • Developing a Strong Repertoire of Classroom Management Strategies
  • Staying Positive in a Negative Environment
  • Teaching in the Target Language

Assignments for Next Week

  • Agenda Items - Nominate items for the agenda by adding them to this page
  • Insights & Issues Posting - Post successes, needs, or concerns to the discussion board on Angel.
  • Resumes - Bring a draft of your resume to class for feedback
* Swap Shop - Come prepared to share, bring enough hard copies of whatever you plan to share for the group and for Cherice (or post in the appropriate section on the wiki PRIOR to class and then bring a hard copy for Cherice)
  • Teaching Demonstrations - If you haven't signed up yet, do so here: sign-up
  • Teaching Philosophy - Bring a draft of your teaching philosophy to class for feedback
  • Technology Assignment - Bring with you to class the things you'll need to work on this assignment. You will have access to support that is even more "expert" than mine, so come prepared to take advantage of it!