2. Target Language Refinement Plan info

TLRP Assignment Overview

ACTFL "Advanced Low" proficiency standard

  • MDE now requires advanced low oral proficiency for FL certification (for French, German & Spanish; LCTLs have a different standard).
  • MSU/COE now requires teacher candidates, starting with the 08-09 senior cohort, to pass the Oral Proficiency Test at the advanced low level before moving on to the intern year.
  • The document below lists ACTFL's description of advanced low oral proficiency.
  • Please read through it thoroughy and think honestly about your own oral proficiency at this stage. Based on your own reflection, please re-work your TLRP plans accordingly to incorporate more practice that will lead to advanced low proficiency.

Please use the space just below to list any resources you're aware of to help prepare for the OPT. One example are the simulations offered in language departments. If you have more details on those, please use the "Edit this page" function to list them here:

TLRP Teams

Les Gourmandes Modernes
Alicia, Becky, Colette, Nicole, Rachel

Die Meisterschaft
Chris, Jessica, John, Lauren S

M2 Maestros Maravillosos
Heather, Alli, Cilia, Gordon, Chris

Los Meros, Meros
Melisa, Megan, Allison, Randy, Mayra

Los Profesores Picantes
Jacob, Kate, Lesley, Maggie

Susan, Michele, Kristin, Lauren

TLRP Resources

PostSecret France - gauntnic gauntnic
French Radio - metcal13 metcal13
French Grammar site - metcal13 metcal13
Le Monde blogs - rachelmickola rachelmickola - This is just one blog highlighted by Le Monde. There are lots, on all kinds of subjects.
For ALL languages: VideoToGo at Frandor has really great foreign language sections. - rachelmickola rachelmickola

Planet German Immersion series - jbale jbale
MSU German Club Website - fritzchr fritzchr - Has a schedule of events on campus for learners of German as well as tons of resources.
PostSecret auf Deutsch - gauntnic gauntnic
ARD Mediathek - jbale jbale - TV, radio and podcast downloads from ARD and all the regional Sender in Germany
ORF on demand- jbale jbale - News streams from Austria's public Sender, ORF
Zwiebelfisch - jbale jbale - Sebastian Sick's column in Der Spiegel about the German language, standard usage and non-standard issues. Hilarious and helpful.

Spanish Podcasts - kellyla9 kellyla9 - Great podcasts, blogs, and teaching resources!
On-line Grammar Practice On-line Grammar Practice from Pearson/Prentice Hall's Realidades Textbook Series (recommended by Jennifer Boyle, Person Education Curriculum Specialist at the MiWLA 2008 Conference. I really like this set up text books and it's approach to grammar. Taking grammar from Gramm-UGH to Gramm-AH!!!!!
Salsa lessons at La Casa on September 17th! ¡Bailemos!
StudySpanish.com - fritzchr fritzchr - Has a bunch of free resources and tutorials for learning Spanish that I've found really helpful in the past.
Spanish Verb Forms Reference - kellyla9 kellyla9
PostSecret El Mundo - gauntnic gauntnic
Pandora--Create a radio station customized to your interests. Can be used for a variety of languages and styles. - suttonm3 suttonm3
Wordreference--The premiere language site online, with extensive bilingual dictionaries and forums in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian.- suttonm3 suttonm3
El País -- News from Spain and around the world in Spanish. - JacobVink JacobVink
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