On this page, you'll find materials from the workshop Dr. Cherice Montgomery gave at BYU in conjunction with the 2009 STARTALK Arabic Teachers Workshop. All materials are provided as PDFs (to maintain Arabic fonts) as well as Microsoft Word 2003 documents (so you can adapt or edit them for use in your own classroom).
You can e-mail Dr. Montgomery with any questions you may have by clicking on her name.

View the PowerPoint (divided into 4 parts due to file size limitations) below:

Board Games

Colors & Conversations

(Fruit Loops Game)

Conversation in the Classroom

(Crazy Stories for Practicing Circumlocution)

Cultural Circumlocution

(You'll want to replace my words in English with words that represent concepts that do not exist in Arabic-speaking countries.

Culturally Authentic Realia Mixer

(You'll want to use culturally authentic realia from Arabic-speaking countries when you do this activity.)

Here are some great sources for Arabic-related images. You can anything that says "Standard Restrictions" without concern for copyright. Some photos require that you notify (and/or credit) the photographer. Look for the little red triangle to see the requirements.


(Seat students in pairs, each with a different colored crayon. Give one paper to each pair. The teacher--or a designated student--calls out a word or phrase in Arabic, each student races to be the first in their group to find the picture (or word) they heard and circle it. This activity would be an especially effective way to help students develop reading skills in Arabic.)


Inside/Outside Circles

Listening Grid

Middle East Mixer


Playlist.com - Type in the name of a famous musician who sings in Arabic and chances are that you can add him or her to your playlist. (You'll need to sign up for a free account first.) You can also simply type in Arabic and lots of useful materials will pop up (including things like the Bible and the Quran being read in Arabic). The great thing about this website is that it works very hard to adhere to copyright and your students can pick and choose which songs they want to listen to from your playlist. Another, similar site is LastFm.com.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Online Resources

  • Arabic K-12 Teachers Network - A site maintained by the NCLRC with resources and information for teachers of Arabic in K-12 schools. It contains a nationwide directory of schools that teach Arabic, information about professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers, and links to supplemental resources, materials, and websites in both Arabic & English

  • ArabicPod.net - Podcast for Arabic language learners (Link from Mohammed Esa)

  • Aswaat Arabiyya - Videos in Arabic organized by proficiency level (Link from Mohammed Esa)

  • Mahjoob.com - Simple comics in Arabic (Link from Mohammed Esa)

  • Play and Learn - A fantastic site that contains links to coloring pages that depict culturally authentic clothing, gestures, places, and stories from the Arabic-speaking world

  • Super Arabic Websites - An extensive collection of links to resources useful in teaching and learning Arabic.

Stories in Arabic

The International Children's Digital Library - Online e-books in Arabic

Story Squares

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