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Advocacy & Information

DeafSource.jpg- A Facebook group that posts status updates of interest to the deaf community

Waiting on the World to Change - Mashup of audio, video, newspapers, and images that comments on deafness

Koda in Kindergarten Concert - Note the high degree of literacy that this little Kindergartener (who is hearing, but has 2 deaf parents) appears to have (given all that she is fingerspelling)


DeafPerformingArtsNetwork.jpg - Links to great videos made by performing artists in ASL, along with lots of other resources. Be sure to take a look at the Signmark video (Def Eminem).

DeafArtDeafArtists.gif - A beautiful site with links to art by deaf artists, art that expresses key ideas about deaf culture, articles related to art and deafness, etc.

ASL as a FL (Policy)

StatesThatRecognizeASLAsAFL.JPG - List is available as a PDF or Word doc and identifies states with services for the deaf and hard of hearing


ASL Literature

ASL Poetry

SignwritingChildrensStories.JPG - Extensive collection (mostly in English, some in Spanish) of common fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and other children's literature (such as Dr. Seuss) written in sign writing.



SLPI.JPG - Information regarding assessing communicative competence in ASL.


ASLShakespeareProject.jpg - FANTASTIC site - 12th Night by Shakespeare in ASL, plus commentary on various aspects of the play, links to resources, and lesson plans designed to teach students the finer, technical aspects of interpreting Shakespeare in ASL for an audience

ASLUniversityLogo.gif - Phenomenal, pedagogically sound activities, games, and resources developed by Bill Vicars at California State University--Sacramento for both teachers and students, including video search that allows you to type words and then watch them fingerspelled

Welcome to ASL - Fantastic, exceptionally well-organized wiki containing curriculum for ASL 1, 2, 3, and 4

Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language: A Level 1 Curriculum - A 35-page, level 1 ASL curriculum outline organized as a table that contains goals, topics, and suggested activities.

Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language: A Level 2 Curriculum - A level 2 ASL curriculum

Deaf Culture

DeafDigest.JPG - Contains comics, deaf news, sports, and captioned videos specifically related to the culture and concerns of the deaf community

GallaudetVideoLibrary.JPG - View episodes of Deaf Mosaic and other programs

historythroughdeafeyes.gif - From Gallaudet University (history of deafness and deaf issues in the U.S.)

RITLibraries.jpg - An outstanding list of links to information on deaf culture, deaf education, deaf history, and sign languages around the world.

WhatIsDeafCulture.gif - Extensive comments about different aspects of culture, along with a chart comparing deaf culture to other cultures of the world

Deaf Students Accessing FL

Deaf Students in FL - This FLTEACH posting explains the role of an interpreter in a foreign language class and outlines some concrete things a language teacher can do to promote the success of the hearing impaired students they teach.

Foreign Language Instruction: Tips for Accommodating Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals - An extensive PowerPoint presentation designed to help students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing experience success in FL classes. It includes tips for teachers, students, AND interpreters.

TeachingStrategiesForHearingImpairedStudents.JPG - An excellent list


Alphadictionary.gif - Sign language dictionaries in languages such as Arabic, German, and Turkish

ASLBrowser.gif - Dictionary that allows the user to browse by letter, then view a small, Quicktime video of the sign


ASLU.jpg - Very nice, searchable dictionary of ASL (seems to be maintained by Bill Vicars) that provides images, text, and video for each word

Handspeak.jpg - Searchable dictionary of ASL



ASL Fingerspelling Practice

ASLSpellingStudy.JPG - Take an interactive quiz by clicking on "Test" and then identifying the letter represented by the hand shape you see.

ASLUniversityFingerspelling.JPG - Links to still and animated fingerspelling quizzes, practice sheets, word searches, and other fingerspelling resources from Dr. Bill at ASL University

Dr. Bill's Fingerspelling Tool - Watch a hand fingerspell a word, then type the word you think you saw

ManosQueHablan.gif - This site (in Spanish) contains links to manual alphabets from a variety of countries around the world, along with signs organized by topic (Courtesy @paulinobrener)

Sign Language (ASL) Dr. Bill Vicars' ABC Slideshow - Simple, very classy page. Scroll over a letter and watch a large photo of a hand make the sign


SignLanguageFunWithGamesAndPuzzles.JPG - A list of both commercial and free online games and puzzles from

SigningTime.png - Games and ideas for practicing sign language, as well as videos and downloadables from the TV show


Classifiers in ASL - Blog that outlines key categories of classifiers


NSF Grant for Translation of ASL to Speech - Interesting project


(See also: ASL Literature)

DeafCharactersInAdolescentLiterature.JPG - A blog that reviews books written for adolescents that contain deaf characters

DeafEducation.jpg - Extensive list of resources, categorized by topic, including some EXCELLENT PowerPoint presentations that outline key issues students who are hard of hearing experience regarding literacy and reading

15PrinciplesForReadingToDeafChildren.JPG - EXCELLENT list


Shared Reading Project
- Resources designed to teach parents how to read to their deaf children

Research - Links to multimedia linguistics tools that are being used to conduct research re: ASL, as well as links to doctoral dissertations, etc.

Language Assessment and Intervention with Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Dr. Harold Johnson's course wiki. He is using an innovative, case-based, service learning approach in ways that position university students to provide information and support to K-12 students, parents, and teachers. Be sure to check out the videos!


ASL on Pinterest

DeafEducation.jpg - Extensive list of resources, categorized by topic (assessment, aural habilitation/audiology, counseling, curriculum, early intervention, language, literacy, multicultural, science and math, sign language, speech, supervision/student teaching, technology, etc.), including some EXCELLENT PowerPoint presentations that outline key issues students who are hard of hearing experience regarding literacy and reading


Deaf Studies Internet Sites - A nicely categorized list of resources regarding IEPs, interpreting, legal, listservs, literature, medical, mental health, multicultural resources, news, etc.

DotSubLogo.jpg - This site contains lots of different kinds of really useful videos in multiple languages. Choose the 100% option to see subtitles!


TheLifeprintLibrary.gif - An outstanding list of links relevant to ASL, deaf culture, and related topics. Would be especially useful for instructors who are developing curricula for ASL courses.

TheWorldAtlasOfLanguageStructuresOnline.gif - A list of sign languages used in countries from around the world that includes information about the relationships between various sign languages

Who uses signwriting? - A wonderful site with links to information, texts, and examples of signwriting in languages from around the world. Dance and sports enthusiasts will want to check out the dance writing and sports writing sections of the site!

Sign Language for Parents

Sites designed to support parents in using sign language with young children.

SignWithMe.gif - Online dictionary of basic signs for parents. Click on the word and see a looping video of how to sign it, along with suggestions for when to use the sign with your toddler.

ColourByHand.JPG - Blog post with nice photos of color words and the finger alphabet

BasicASLFirst100Signs.JPG - Links to drawings and photos of 100 signs commonly used by parents with their small children

SigningTime.png - Games and ideas for practicing sign language, as well as videos and downloadables from the TV show

Study Tools

ASLPro.jpg- Extremely useful site that allows you to access video dictionaries of signs by categories (such as ASL idioms, baby signs, English idioms, fingerspelling, religious signs, school signs, etc.) and by individual words within categories. Teachers can build interactive quizzes for free, and students can test themselves. (Note: Facial expressions of interpreters are sometimes not as pronounced as they might be.)

ASLSpellingStudy.JPG - Take an interactive quiz by clicking on "Test" and then identifying the letter represented by the hand shape you see.

Teaching Strategies

42Explore: ASL - A nicely organized, extremely comprehensive webquest-type site that teachers could use to help students learn more about a variety of topics related to ASL.

TeachingStrategiesForHearingImpairedStudents.JPG - An excellent list

Wilcox, Sherman, & Wilcox, Phyllis. (1991, December). Teaching ASL as a second language. ERIC Digests. ED343408.


AccessibleEmergencyInformation.JPG - An extensive collection of videos and accompanying print materials regarding a wide range of emergency preparedness topics (basic first aid, chemical emergencies, earthquakes, flooding, food safety, hurricanes, infectious diseases, insects/animal, landslides, nuclear emergencies, terrorism, tornadoes, winter storms, etc.)

DeafHealth.jpg - A very nice website with videos about diseases, understanding tests, and finding deaf-friendly doctors

DeafNation.png - Human interest stories and other tidbits in sign language from a variety of countries

DeafRead.JPG - Organized by number of visits, with least visits at the top of the screen (contains blogs AND vlogs)

DeafStudiesDigitalJournal.JPG - Includes academic articles in various sign languages, critical reflections, drama, performance art, interviews, poetry, reviews, storytelling, and short videos and films in sign language

DeafTube.png - Like YouTube, but in ASL; categories include Comedy, Educational, International, Learn ASL, Music, and Sports

InformationalVideosInASL.JPG - Policy-related videos in ASL on topics such as the Affordable Care Act, emergency preparedness, filing a complaint about communication access, health information, social security, etc.

LDSORGASL.JPG - Materials in ASL from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including scripture stories, talks, lessons, music, leadership training, and other materials
OICMovies.jpg - Free videos in ASL about various high interest news and informational items, organized by topics such as entertainment, health, money, news, opinions, science, silent memoirs, technology, travel, world deaf, etc. Many of those categories are further subdivided into additional subcategories.

SignFSIS.JPG - A YouTube channel containing food safety videos in ASL on topics such as e-coli, food safety during a power outage, food safety during tailgating, food safety with turkey, etc.

Utah-specific Resources


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