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Typical Program Components

  • Field Placement - Gives teacher-candidates the chance to apply what they have learned to work with "real" students during the early years of their teacher preparation program
  • Learning Lab - Affords teacher-candidates the opportunity to practice what they are learning by giving teaching demonstrations to their peers
  • Student Teaching - Teacher-candidates assume primary responsibility for teaching middle or high school students under the supervision of an experienced classroom teacher.
  • World Language Methods Course/Seminar - Supports secondary world language majors in broadening and deepening their understanding of language teaching and learning, while addressing issues and concerns that may emerge during their student teaching, and preparing them to secure employment when they have concluded it

Materials from each of these courses appear below, along with additional resources that may be helpful to methods instructors.

Course Syllabi

Interpersonal & Presentational Skills

Using Technology to Contextualize & Integrate Language Learning

A Communications Module for the Foreign Language Course - Helpful materials developed by Jean LeLoup that discuss strategies for helping methods students to think about technology integration `

Star Chart - A Self-Assessment of Technology Integration for Teacher Preparation Programs - Very nicely organized, visually appealing self-assessment rubric that teacher preparation programs can use to assess how well they are preparing tech-savvy teacher-candidates.

Course Evaluation Form


Contextualization & Realia

- Structuring, Scaffolding, & Spiraling

Cooperative Learning

Getting a Job

Cover Letter (Resources)

Professional Biography (Example)

Professional Portfolio (Resources)

Resume (Resources)

Giving Instructions

Interpretive Skills

Lesson Planning

- Spiraling & Scaffolding

Evaluation Form for Online Lessons - Standards-based form designed to help preservice teachers consider multiple layers when lesson planning

Lesson Plan Rubric - Detailed, 4-columned rubric that assesses lesson plans based on 11 different categories

Professional Development

- Traditional Version

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- For Traditional Version

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(To help teacher-candidates structure these posts, see:

Professional Inquiry

Professional Reflection

Professional Relations

Field Discussions
- A process teacher-candidates use to discuss the things they are observing in their field placements that is designed to help them think more critically about their experiences

Field Observation Assignments

- An observation designed to encourage teacher-candidates to recognize the relationship between the percentage of time that the teacher talks and the percentage of time that students speak

- A field observation designed to help teacher-candidates notice the relationship between the teacher's use of the target language and the frequency with which students do (or don't) use it

- A field observation designed to help teacher-candidates notice the relationship between wait time and the quantity and quality of students' responses

Field Report Forms

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- A form that students submit each week designed to keep course instructors informed of the activities are engaged in during their field placement hours and their perceptions of those activities

- A simplified form that teacher-candidates use to keep track of the number of hours they spend at their field placements

Field Teaching

- A rubric designed to help teacher-candidates understand what is expected of them when they teach a lesson or activity in their field placements

- A standards-based planning grid designed to help teacher-candidates plan a short activity to teach in their field placements

Teaching Philosophy (Resources)

Technology Project Ideas & Examples - A list of projects and examples to give you ideas for your tech project

- (To help teacher-candidates structure these posts, see:

Pedagogical Examples

Through the Looking Glass: A Plethora of Possibilities for Preservice Teachers

- Handout from a presentation for methods instructors on preparing preservice teachers to integrate new technologies at the elementary level

Tips on Writing Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation: Writing Suggestions for Cooperating Teachers & University Supervisors

Sample Letters of Recommendation - An extensive collection of sample cover letters and letters of recommendation for a variety of professions

See also: Info. From Your Field Instructors, Mentoring

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