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ACTFL Smartbrief - Weekly electronic newsletters containing items of interest to world language educators that you can receive via e-mail (or RSS).

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ASCD SmartBrief


A Difference (Darren Kuropowta on teaching math to make a difference)

ACTFL Blogtalkradio

Dangerously Irrelevant (Scott McLeod on educational technology)

Ed Batista (Ed Batista on executive coaching and change management)

EdComp Blog (David on educational computing)

Education Outrage

Elearn Space (George Siemens on Connectivism)

56 Minus One (Adam J. Schokora on China)

Integrating ICT into the MFL Classroom (Joe Dale on edtech in world language education)

Kevin's Meandering Mind (Kevin on digital literacy)

Language Learning and the Social Web: A Beginners' Guide for Language Teachers (Tita Beaven's resource collection)

Ollie Bray (Ollie Bray on creativity and innovation in world language education)

One Thing in a French Day (Blog in French)

Practical Theory (Chris Lehmann on educational leadership, science, and technology)

ProfHacker (A blog for professors of higher ed)

Scobleizer (Robert Scoble on educational technology)

Techne (National Institute for Technology in Education on the integration of inquiry, pedadogy, and technology)

Trails Optional (Jen Deyenberg on Educational Technology)

Two Cents (David Warlick on the information landscape)

VĂ¡monos: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century (Lisa Stevens on elementary language learning)

Education Week
Education Week: American Education's News Site of Record

Edutopia RSS

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      Language Learning & the Social Web
      Language learning and the social web - a beginners' guide for language teachers

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