Post information, resources, and tips for preparing for student teaching here.

Advice For Interns A page created by an intern, for interns, with input from past interns and mentor teachers. Please post your thoughts, advice and comments. - cartierm cartierm

Internship Love Song - Created by a student teacher for her colleagues at the END of her internship. Enjoy!

Internship Survival- (this will take you to another wiki) - cartierm cartierm

- Mentors and interns should complete these statements individually, then meet to discuss them prior to beginning the internship together

- A one-page series of tips to help interns negotiate positive professional relationships with their cooperating teachers, field instructors, and methods course instructors

- A list of questions designed to help Seniors reflect on their field placement experiences in preparation for the internship year

- A graphic organizer based on the National Standards for FL Learning designed to help interns develop a stronger understanding of what it means to function successfully as a member of a professional community by considering how professional look, sound, and behave

- A list of questions generated by MSU Seniors to guide a panel discussion in which interns from the previous year discussed their experiences to help the Seniors prepare for their own internships

Student Teaching: Some Lessons from Experience - Advice from FLTEACH re: various aspects of the student teaching experience

- A sample of a short memo that cooperating teachers can distribute to introduce new interns to faculty and staff

- An explanation posted to FLTEACH that outlines many of the reasons new teachers (and interns) may be treated badly by their colleagues in schools

- chericem1 chericem1

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