Tentative Agenda for September 7, 2007

Nominate items for class discussion under #4. Please sign your posts by typing ~ three times, then clicking the "Save" button.

1) Learning Logs
  • How was class last week?

2) Housekeeping:

3) Establishing a Professional "Virtual Presence" & Professional Boundaries

  • Search Tips & Techniques (Google yourself)
  • Profiles
  • Voice Mail
  • Web Presence
  • Stories from the field: Cell phone videos, text messaging, work posted online

4) Insights & Issues: Nominate questions for discussion in class here. Be sure to sign your post (Type ~ three times, then click "Save")
  1. Strategies to working under a seasoned teacher that already has it all figured out - Amanda Bainbridge
  2. How much is it appropriate to voice our ideas/opinions to our mentors at the beginning? - Amy Scott
  3. How to work yourself into an existing classroom "environment". - leonar77 leonar77
  4. How to become a part of the "staff community" without over-stepping our boundaries. - kristynd kristynd

5) Professionalizing Our Practice: First Days of School

6) Assignments for the Week of 9/7/07
  • Agenda - Add items for next week's class
  • Conference Registration - Pre-register for MiWLA or ACTFL. If you go to MiWLA, apply for a minigrant. It will pay your conference registration, a workshop, the awards luncheon, and membership. Here is the link you need to use to get "proof" that you are a full time student so that you can enroll at the student rates: http://www.reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/EnrReg/Certify.asp
  • Discussion Forum - Post at least one insight or issue. Please start a new thread if your topic is substantially different from what has already been posted and be clear and specific in your title.
  • Explore This Wiki - It can't help you if you don't know what resources are here for you!
  • Letter of Introduction - With the approval of your mentor teacher, distribute a letter of introduction to staff and to parents. Click here to download a simple letter to staff: msword.png
  • Mentor-Intern Handbook - Read it
  • Permission to Record - With the approval of your mentor teacher, distribute "permission to record" forms to students and their parents

7) Announcements: