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Examples of Service Learning

Morrison, David. (2010, June 9). Educator finds unique project to teach disability awareness. StarNews Online. Retrieved January 27, 2015, from

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The Eighth-grade Lessons column of this page contains project description sheets, grading rubrics, and support materials for three different interdisciplinary, service-based learning projects that were designed to give students opportunities to use their technology skills to address social issues affecting their community. chericem1 external image chericem1-sm.jpg

Robinson, Elizabeth. (2010, March 30). Lone Peak Spanish students engage in small act of international goodwill. Utah People's Post. Retrieved April 9, 2010, from - chericem1 chericem1 Students wrote books in Spanish that were delivered to children living in an orphanage in Mexico.

Stanard, Alexa. (2006, May 22). Computer project in Howell connects students and seniors. The Detroit News. Retrieved June 3, 2003, from
This news article describes a service-learning project designed to help high school students learn more about the issues facing senior citizens while equipping senior citizens to make use of basic technologies like e-mail, Internet research, and Microsoft Word. chericem1 external image chericem1-sm.jpg


"Every piece of knowledge you have is something useful you could teach to someone there." - Rachel MacKenzie

  • Create hygiene kits
  • Create books that emphasize social skills and values (compassion, courtesy expressions, sharing, etc.)
  • Create materials that reinforce basic literacy skills in English and in Spanish
  • Create school kits
  • Make bilingual books about basic hygiene information (Brush your teeth in circles, clean out cuts and wounds, don't eat toothpaste, etc.)

Service Learning Resources

How to Make Service Into Service Learning - Discusses ways in which teachers can turn community service into opportunities for learning. Be sure to scroll down to the Some Examples of Service Learning section for examples that are specific to world languages.

Pearson-Prentice Hall: What is service learning? - Provides an overview of service learning, offers tips for starting your own service learning project, and provides links to additional resources.

Student Service Learning: Best Practices - A list of 7 best practices in service learning from the Maryland State Department of Education, and a graphic organizer that depicts the three major phases of student service learning .

Modern & Classical Languages: Service Learning - A list of potential service learning projects for middle and high school modern language learners compiled by the Maine Department of Education in collaboration with the Kids Consortium.

Service Learning Wiki - Created by students in 2007-2008 internships at MSU. It has resources, examples, reasons and ideas for service learning. - cartierm cartierm

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