• Apr. 1 -
  • Mar. 27 & Mar. 30 - Redes de planeficación
  • Mar. 25 - La evaluación por medio de la tecnología
  • Mar. 23 - Las pruebas y escribir preguntas
  • Mar. 20 - La evaluación
  • Mar. 18 - El ciclo de la evaluación y las matrices de evaluación
  • Mar. 16 - La evaluación
  • Mar. 11 - La cultura
  • Mar. 9 - La cultura
  • Mar. 6 - Presentaciones de las actividades de lectura y escritura; los résumés
  • Mar. 4 - Presentaciones de las actividades de lectura y escritura; copyright
  • Mar. 2 - Presentaciones de las actividades de lectura y escritura; la pronunciación de los vocales; la acentuación; la repetición y guiar el ojo por una página
  • Feb. 27 - Presentaciones de las actividades de lectura y escritura; prueba sobre la cognición visual; los principios del diseño gráfico
  • Feb. 25 - Presentaciones de las actividades de lectura y escritura; información sobre Picnik y SXC
  • Feb. 23 - Presentaciones de FLTEACH, introducción a los principios del diseño gráfico
  • Feb. 20 - Presentaciones de FLTEACH, repaso del examencito sobre la escritura
  • Feb. 18 - El uso de las herramientas tecnológicas para practicar la escritura
  • Feb. 17 - Un continuo de actividades para enseñar la escritura [Monday Instruction (NOTE: This is a Tuesday)]
  • Feb. 16 - NO CLASS, President's Day
  • Feb. 13 - La enseñanza de la escritura
  • Feb. 11 - Actividades de lectura y post-lectura; actividades de escritura
  • Feb. 9 - Actividades de lectura con la tecnología
  • Feb. 6 - Actividades de pre-lectura y de lectura
  • Feb. 4- Classroom Management (Guest speaker: Stacy Thackeray)
  • Feb. 2 - Actividades de lectura
  • Jan. 30 - Actividades de pre-lectura
  • Jan. 28 - Introducción a la literatura infantil (El secreto en la caja de fósforos)
  • Jan. 26 - Data-driven instruction, Lesson planning
  • Jan. 23 - Writing objectives, lesson planning, basic activities
  • Jan. 21 - ACTFL OPI, True Colors, child abuse, creativity
  • Jan. 19 - NO CLASS, MLK Day
  • Jan. 16 - Los estudiantes del siglo XXI
  • Jan. 14 - El alfabetismo en el siglo XXI
  • Jan. 12 -, search engines
  • Jan. 9 - Discussion of course syllabus and assignments and practicum syllabus assignments
  • Jan. 7 - Administrative issues, student teaching applications, computer lab procedures, navigating in tabs, wiki sign-up and overview
  • Jan. 5 - Introductions, course overview, class routines and procedures, concept maps, introductory activities

Apr. 1 - - msproul2 msproul2
Apr. 3 -
Apr. 6 -- hmjensen hmjensenhmjensen
Apr. 8 -
Apr. 10 -
Apr. 13 -
Apr. 21 - (Tuesday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) - Final Exam

Assignment Sheets & Info.

Final Month of Class



Unit Test

Cultural Investigation Project


Learning Centers





Optional Assignments

Helpful Tools

  • Applian FLV Player
  • Audacity - Excellent, free audio recording & editing software
  • Broadcast Live - Searchable site containing links to broadcast media (newspapers, TV, etc.) from countries around the world
  • Bubbleply - Add pop-up speech bubbles and effects to online videos
  • Buzzword - Free, online, collaborative word processing
  • Cmap - Free social concept mapping tools that allow you to collaborate, attach documents and images, etc. (requires registration)
  • CutePDF Writer - Free PDF maker
  • - Free social bookmarking service, with an emphasis on the bookmarking
  • Diigo - Free social bookmarking service, with an emphasis on the social
  • Flock - Free social web browser
  • Foxit Reader - Free PDF reader that allows you to save annotations, and print documents with or without your saved annotations
  • Gliffy - Free graphic organizer creator
  • Glogster - Free, multimedia poster-maker. You can set up student accounts for educational use.
  • Google Alerts - It will notify you of news re: the topics of your choice
  • Google Docs & Forms - Free, online, collaborative suite of office tools (presentations, spreadsheets, word processing)
  • Google Earth - Free program that allows you to see 3-dimensional views of the earth, cities, etc.
  • Google Language Tools - Allows you to translate webpages, select the language you wish to use to interface with your browser, or search country-specific pages using Google's country specific search engines
  • Google Notebook - Free, online, collaborative notebook
  • Google Talk - Free chat program
  • iTunes - Free multimedia player
  • Jing - Free screencapture from TechSmith
  • Letterpop - Free online newsletter creation
  • My Brochure Maker - Free online brochure creation
  • Ning - Social networking platform
  • Picnik - Free, online photo editing software
  • - Free, online, interactive music player
  • Reqall - Free service that transcribes the 60-second voice messages you leave and e-mails them to you in text w/ an audio file attachment
  • Scribd - Post documents online
  • Second Life - Free virtual world software
  • Slideshare - Post PowerPoint presentations online and embed in your wiki, etc.
  • Skype - Free voice over IP (VOIP) software - allows you to voice chat with others (with or without webcam)
  • Sputtr - Free, customizable search page (uses visual icons)
  • Survey Monkey - Free, online surveys, quizzes, etc.
  • - Set up an ad-free, "disposable" chat room in one click. No registration required.
  • 21st Century Technologies - Links to handouts, information, and tools for language teachers
  • Twitter- Microblogging
  • Voicethread - Free software for creating multimedia presentations online
  • Weebly - Free, online website creation
  • Wikispaces - Free online spaces for collaborative authoring and discussion
  • Xtranormal - Create mini, animated videos from stock elements
  • - Convert documents to PDFs while maintaining hyperlinks
  • Yugma - Free videoconferencing and desktop sharing software - interfaces well with Skype
  • Zamzar - Convert files, download YouTube videos, etc.
  • Zotero - Create online libraries for free

More Cool Tech Tools

Tech Terms

Important Dates

Jan. 5, 2009 - First Day of Student Teaching
Jan. 15, 2009 - Student teaching applications for Winter Semester Due
Jan. 19, 2009 - NO CLASS (Martin Luther King Day)
Feb. 16, 2009 - NO CLASS (President's Day)
- Secondary Teaching Placements Posted
Mar. 1, 2009 - Application for Scholarships Due (Available January 1)
Mar. 18, 2009 - BYU Teacher Fair
Apr. 2-4, 2009 - Southwest Conference on Language Teaching in Norman, OK
Apr. 15, 2009 - Application for Exit Interview for August Graduation Due
Apr. 16, 2009 - BYU Foreign Language Fair (you are expected to participate)
Apr. 17, 2009 - Last Day of Student Teaching

Program Links (BYU)

Career/Education Placement Services (BYU) - Information about your career placement file, the teacher fair, and other job-related opportunities

Computer Tutors (BYU) - Free, one-on-one tutoring for basic computer skills, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, FrontPage, Publisher, and HTML (Sign-up online by completing an application form and note days/times you are available for sessions) 801-422-2647

Education Advisement Center - Can help you with issues related to your Secondary Education courses, can answer questions about fingerprinting, etc.

Field Experience Demographics Worksheet (BYU) - Use this worksheet to help you gather demographic data for your Teacher Work Sample before recording it in LiveText. You can obtain the information you need in order to complete the worksheet from the Utah Performance & Assessment System for Students (UPASS). (As you make your selections, additional selection options will appear.)

Field Services (BYU) - Links to student teaching applications, placement information, policies, and procedures

Humanities Advisement Center - Can help you with issues related to your Spanish courses.

LiveText - You will submit the CDS, FED, PIBS, and your Teacher Work Sample to the McKay School of Education here

National Standards for Foreign Language Learning (Executive Summary)

Praxis Testing Dates (BYU) & Spanish Praxis Test-at-a-Glance (BYU will pay for one through July 25, 2009, you pay for the one in your minor if you want to take it). Be sure to STUDY for these before you attempt them. Also helpful was this "Reducing Test Anxiety" guide. It has good ideas of how to organize before the test and make a study plan. - ErinMB ErinMB

Technology Skills Assessment Information (BYU) -

Utah Core Curriculum (World Languages)

Reading List


- Use this progress report to keep track of the assignments you have submitted