Here you'll find links to instruments designed to help you think more about teaching and learning styles.

Learning Styles

Learning Styles - This page contains some information re: learning styles.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire - A 44-question, online assessment that will return your results online.

Learning Style Survey - An instrument from CARLA (in PDF) containing questions specific to language learning

Multiple Intelligences Quiz - A 40-question, online quiz designed to offer a profile of your intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences Quiz - Another quiz that will provide a score report online.

Multiple Intelligences Quiz for Children - A 35-item quiz written in kid-friendly language.

Teaching Styles

Teaching Styles - This page is full of information about teaching styles. It is designed to help teachers think about the ways their teaching styles will affect their ability to successfully offer online courses.

Teaching Styles Quiz - Take this little quiz to gain some insight into your teaching style.

True Colors Quiz - This quiz, based on the True Colors personality assessment, will give you some insight into your preferences for relating with others.
Here is another version: Follow Your True Colors